What is the you jelq

Someone described the you jelq to me but it wounds like a v jelq.

Here is the description!

What is the difference?

How to do “you”grip jelqs.
It is best to have this area trimmed or hair will get in the way.
"You” grip is best done laying down or sitting.
With your 60% erect penis pointing up toward your belly button you form a “V” grip (Spock sign) You curl the fingers.
This becomes your base grip. You may if this helps stabilize your penis form an OK grip at the base then on top of the OK grip form the “you” grip.
Keep the OK grip clamped at the base while you move the “you” grip slowly up the shaft.
You slowly move the move the grip up towards the glans.
This is best done slow.
Your erection may swell up about 100% erection. This is OK. Your jelqing mainly the CS. And very little stimuli reaches the CC.