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What is the potential, can everyone have 8 inches?

What is the potential, can everyone have 8 inches?

This message is to get an answer to the ultimate question, can if everyone disregarding age, race, height , weight etc. have a really big dick, let’s just take the dildo measurement 8inch by 6girth. So can anybody have a 8 inch dick eventually, it is just a matter of time? Because some people gain faster and some slower. Or is the true that no matter how much someone PEs that they can only have a 6inch dick? because that is just their limit. Because i know that no matter how much i workout i would never get as big as Arnold.

But remember alway keep postive thoughts because, mentally if you are postive you will grow! at 5’9 i never thought i would grow taller again and here i am almost at 6’

I rewrote this thread because i been PEing for about 8 month now and i am at about 6.3 bone pressed and i started small i mean about 4.5 i think, and i just learned how to determine my LOT and i found that it was pretty low, so i started questioning whether i can ever reach 8 inchs since my ligs are probably all out? Girth wise i am more optimistic but i want to focus on length first. So if i started with 4.5 can i really go to 8 inch?

Before i knew about LOT i always thought i f i just keep on stretch i will get to 8 inches one day, i still think so

I wonder if at 27 i can put my mind to it and grow a few inches in height? Sure would make dating much easier!

I’ve also questioned the amount of length one can get from their body size. I guess to me logically a taller guy would have more inner penis than a short guy.

I’m not too sure about everyone being able to attain 8x6. It depends on determination because some guys may have to go several years to see small gains. I guess it’s all a matter of how long you want to spend working out your cock. You’ll have to put forth the effort to find out if you can acheive the size you want.

Why not keep at it even if in question. 3 years from now you’ll be wondering what size you’d be if you kept at it.

For those like me that have ligs made of steel, I can never see myself 8” long. Perhaps payday should be a good time to buy myself an early christmas present. A Bib Starter sounds good to me.


>So can anybody have a 8 inch dick eventually, it is just a matter of time?<

Yeah. Except for the guy that starts with a 9 incher. Poor soul, he’ll probably never see 8.


I think with enough work and enough time everybody can reach 8x6. I know i will reach it within too long, even though I am still some way off.

Btw chitonan, check your pm’s bro.

Whoa!! Who's photoshopping my mirror!?

I wolnt stop until I get to 8by6 and when I get there I’ll probably be like everyone else and keep goin until im the size of a truck!

I swear I'm going to stop at 8... ok maybe 8.5 :D

If you’re normal sized starting out(even 4.5 is normal), I think you can get to 8” with enough work.

You must believe that you can reach 8 inch!!

If you believe in it you can reache almost everything…

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