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What is the best PE method


So you believe I should probably just stay with BTC because my ligs have currently been stretched as far as possible and it is stretching my tunica? —-And this is as efficient as hanging straight out? Do tunica gains take a lot longer to achieve, so it will be awhile before I see an actually length increase?

If so, will the ligs eventually take the load again once the tunica catches up to the previous lig gain? If that is true-is that when length gains can actually be seen-noticeable gains?

And just to make sure I am feeling a tunica stretch- what does it feel like for you?

I realize I have packed aloft of questions into one post and I apologize, I have just been a little agitated because I haven’t seen ANY gains in the past few weeks, and really not much at all over the past year, just .5 BPEL. ANY HELP WILL BE APPRECIATED because I am just trying to get this right/correct.
Thanks -tiger


Hate to add something else but.. When stretching the ‘tunica’ should I take more days off than just once a week- ligs=6/1.. But doesn’t the ‘tunica’ actually need a little time off- say two days a week to actually stimulate growth of the actual penis?


Jelq, plus a little stretching, for making dick longer.

Sadsak slinky for malking it thicker.

BTC for maintenance after having obtained your goals.

I agree 100% with persistance. I just wish I had the discipline, privacy and time! I better get my life back enroute, 30 minutes of the day shouldn’t really be a problem!

Just keep on doing the jelqs!


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