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What Is The Best Kegel Routine?

What Is The Best Kegel Routine?

Hi Everyone,

I would like input from everybody as to what the best kegel routine is, and how long to work up to that routine.

thanks guys,

I don’t really have a routine, per se, but just do them whenever I think of it. That way you get accustomed to flexing your BC muscle in all sorts of situations, enabling you to control it that much better. Like, I kegel at the club when I’m on the treadmill or eliptical. I kegel during meetings and conference calls; I’m kegeling right now, and cleaning my oven!

I do reverse, or what I like to think of as “out” kegels, when I’m stretching, hanging and jelqing. I especially like to do them when masturbating: I get a good boner and then flex the muscle as I imagine blood filling the head of my dick and getting it as big and shiny as possible. I then squeeze tight around the base and hold it that way for as long as I can, doing several sets like that before I cum. When I finally do orgasm it’s a doozy.

I also do kegels with wet washcloths and wrist weights hanging off my dick. I wrote about it back when most of us were younger: Ike - harder erections!!

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