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What is the average flaccid penis?

What is the average flaccid penis?

Against my hesitation I decided to start a new thread as someone suggested. I apologize to those that think this should not be a separate thread, but what the hell the board is not exactly full you know. Since very few ever report flaccid size and always complain of fluctuation, my question is more specific. Please pay attention to the question. What do you guys think about these averages reported on the net? Judging by what you have seen in locker rooms or nude beaches or whatever, and your own sizes do you agree with the averages below? I know all about fluctuation and how many of you don’t care etc., but what do you think of the averages, even if it is based on seeing other guys?

Length. One said 3”-4” and the other 3.89”

Circumference. One said between 2.5”-4” another 3.37” and another 3.75”

Now does this seem small, or do you agree?



That’s right along the lines of what I’ve always read. I personally think avg. length is a little closer to 3, based on what I’ve seen in locker rooms.

I think sizemeister’s estimate is probably pretty accurate for the general population. Not maybe for this forum, though, where we’re all working to get larger.

Because I’ve always been a grower and definitely not a shower, I have surely been underestimating my flaccid size since I’ve been doing PE. After reading your initial post I had time during the day and took 6 random measurements spaced out morning to bedtime and the results really surprised me.

5.25 x 4.25
5.00 x 4.75
6.25 x 5.25
4.25 x 4.00
4.25 x 4.00
5.00 x 4.75

Average, if that means anything: 5.00 x 4.42.
I had used Viagra during the previous 12 hrs and I know that skewed what would have been normal readings. But still, I impressed myself.

In the old days, 3 inches flaccid would have been very large for me.



From what I have seen from locker rooms, I’d say 3inches on average sounds right. But isn’t that when they’re in the smallest state?? We wouldn’t be a good comparison to the general public, because I’m amusing most our flaccids have been enlarged due to PE. I pretty much didn’t have a flaccid prior to PE, 1”-2” give or take at most. Now I’m in the ranges of 4.5-5.5 depending on the day/mood/etc…

"It doesn't matter where you start, it only matters where you end up."


I agree with the above two posts. Mine has definately averaged bigger. And yes, all since PE—it snuck up on me. I went to boxers two years ago. BUt for work I use briefs. I just noticed and my wife too, that I am quite a bit bigger lookin in briefs. But, alas, I do not use public showers anymore, so the erect is my concern.

Good Question Dance!

As of right now, I average 5.3 x 4.5 flaccid (taken 2 months ago, now it’s probably a little bigger, but I din’t have the courage yet to measure - don’t want to get disapointed). Pre-PE, that is about 2 years ago, I averaged 3.9 x 4. All NBP. From my years of sports trainning I’d have to say that the average is probably my previous measures, although I had some colleagues that were well endowed in length but not that well in girth.

In my years of sports trainning I was one of the biggest guys around, so what is average in a “normal height” is small in my frame… this is what brought me to PE in the first place… now it’s better, but not even close to what I want… but I’m working on it…



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