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What is considered a big flacid hang

I’m going to go with anything over 5” in length and 4.5” for girth.

Thats big to me.

Originally Posted by seyz
The average EL is 5.5, how can you say a 5.5 flacid hang isn’t big.

Because its his dick. That’s why we’re all here.

Originally Posted by seyz
The average EL is 5.5, how can you say a 5.5 flacid hang isn’t big.

“Average” … “big”—the answer to your question should be obvious! But I really do mean in my opinion. I go to the gym and have seen lots of flaccid guys there. I’m nearly 5 x 5 flaccid (probably, 4.5 x 5; but it fluctuates so much), and I view myself as being a bit above average, based on what I’ve seen, not “big.” And I don’t think an extra 1/2 inch length would do it. Hence my answer: 6 x 5.5, at least.

When you can tell there’s a bulge in your own pants, and other people notice it too (completely flaccid).. There ya go. (So probably at least 5.5 X 5

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seyz, I concur.

Girth above 5, length over 6. A big flaccid is basically a shower size.

For a guy who’s not too tall or too short, around 5’10” - 5” is good, 6” flaccid looks pretty big.

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I’m getting the impression that many people measure “flaccid hang” differently from the way I do (NBP, starting the ruler where the penis appears to exit the body).

I mean, really now, guys: How can someone need 6+” NBP to have a “big” flaccid hang?! According to most studies, this is substantially larger than the average erect penis. Most guys here agree that 8” BPEL is “big,” yet very few 8” BP (= 7” NBP) erect penises are going to be 6+” NBP flaccid.

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I meant NBP in my previous post. I always measure flaccid NBP. PEer can have distorted perception on flaccids though since they often look at their own right after a PE session. I swing 6” NBP flaccid these days from time to time. It doesn’t look small for sure but big? I don’t know I am used to it.

I can tell you for sure that 7” NBP fluffed up flaccid looks huge, so I was told.

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To clarify, I’m all for guys trying to get their dicks to hang past their knees flaccid. I’d love a 10” hang!!

I’m just disagreeing with some opinions about what is noticeably “big.” Most flaccid dicks I’ve seen are 3” or 4”, at most. Many are closer to 2”.

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If I could hang like I do after a PE session all the time I would feel very well hung. Although it’s tough to know what my actual flaccid is because if I’m not doing PE I’m usually wearing my wrist wrap ADS. But the times I do get to see it are nights of lots of sex etc. Girls always seem to say “your a big boy” or some equivalent, like when I took a shower with a girl recently. In these situations, when I take a piss and look down I don’t feel very big, but if I look in the mirror I find it somewhat impressive. Sorry I can’t give any measurements for these, I’m really not too good at visually measuring my own penis. The one thing I do know is when my flaccid girth is at 6” when I have my wrist wrap on because of where my finger meets my thumb. So I’d have to say it’s around 5”-5.5”NBP x 5.25”-5.5”G

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Most studies say the average for a flaccid penis is about 3 1/2 inches, although, as we all know, the flaccid penis can vary greatly from time to time. The dreaded shrinkage factor. I know, in my case, my flaccid can be anywhere from 2 1/2 to 4 inches. I would say if you got a flaccid hang that’s a MINIMUM of 4 inches, you got a pretty good size, being that the thing would probably get over 5 at times.

I think a 5NBP x 4.5 would look big (at least much bigger than average) on me. I am 5”11 and 190lbs in shape.

I have a handy little groove where by penis exits the body so it is easy to measure from the same place every time.

Originally Posted by Priapos
…it is 7”x5”…

Originally Posted by seyz
Have you ever taken it out in public, just curious?

You mean taken it out in publickon a leash, right?

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