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What is best way to increase flaccid length?

What is best way to increase flaccid length?

Hey do any of you guys know what is the best way to quickly and greatly improve flaccid length. I mean i already have a routine and its working great but i am just wondering if there is another way to increase flaccid length faster? thanks!


What is your routine?

depends how quick and how permenant you want it.

If you are talking about rushing into a shower with several other men and wanting to impress for 10 mins or so, then you could just pull on your penis a few times to get to your fullest flaccid length. There’s always the option of gaining a slight erection before undressing but this could be dangerous if it escalates. If you have a bit more time but still your needs are temporary then you could jelq or pump before you have to show off your penis.

If you are talking about permenant flaccid gains that takes longer. Things like jelqing increase flaccid length in comparison to erect length for lots of people. Hanging or stretching will increase you flaccid length and your erect length. Some guys are reporting 0.5” erect gains from hanging (esp ADH) and flaccid length will be improved too.

Ok thats as far as my knowledge goes. Has anyone else got some ideas?

Flaccid gain, which I wanted in the first place when I started doing all this *&$%# work (!), took me a long time. It was 10 mos before I sarted seeing serious change. It may be totally coincidental, but I started wearing a cock/ball strap after workouts - for about 4 hrs after each one. Within weeks of doing that, I started hanging heavier and have seen gains all along since.

The only explanation I can give you for this happening _IF_ it relates to wearing the strap is that possibly whatever healing takes place during that time post PE occurs while I am holding some “pumped up” volume. You heal while larger rather than smaller?

A couple other guys have talked about this and seem to feel it helps. If you or others figure out the key to permanent flaccid gain, please let me know! I have great erect gains; I was hoping that flaccid gains ocurred proportionally, but that doesn’t seem to be the script for everybody.



One session of Horse Squeezes can have a lasting effect of almost two weeks. Without a doubt the most effective flaccid enhancing technique, that I’ve tried so far (not for newbies etc.).


Funkman, take note of what PEnister says. I ignored advice about waiting to do horse squeezes (and other girth excercises) when I started and injured myself rather quickly.


Bet you would never guess I would suggest hanging :)

"...its' natural environment is in the hole, so why don't you send him home. His bags are packed, he's got his airplane tickets- bring him to the airport...send him home."

From: 'Happy Gilmore'

If i’ve been doing PE for about 2 months do you think I am broken in enough for the horse squeezes?


If you mean jelqing, then yeah you’ve probably got good condition.

Just take it easy to start with, do it with good light and don’t push it if it doesn’t feel right.

Best of luck.

What is your routine?

Fowfers - There is about 4 thread runnning now at this moment about flaccid lenght. Read up on fowfers especially while sleeping - Note: dont read while sleeping but doing fowfers while sleeping

Haaaaa good one Robbie; don’t quit your day job! ;-)

Fowfers, rotation stretches and clamping give you good flaccid gains.

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