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What is a good second step in PE?

What is a good second step in PE?

Greetings! I have been a member (new member) for nearly a year and have experimented with PE on and off during that time until about two months ago. At that point, I decided to commit to the “newbie routine” 3 times a week. My only alteration to the routine was to add about 20-25 “A”-stretches (from the DLD Blaster thread) in addition to 100PC squeezes. I’ll also do a few DLD bends in the middle of jelqing and am just now beginning to do it 4 times a week. I have noticed stiffer erections and more volume and projectile ejaculate during sex which is nice. Ideally, I wanted to get fairly experienced before I began posting and replying to threads, but hopefully some of you may have some interest in voicing your thoughts in response to this thread.

First off, I realize everyone is different with their technique and gains which is why I am interested in hearing back from different viewpoints and experiences:

• What is a natural progression for PE in regards to how long should you stay with a specific routine and which excercises can be done at what point?
• What would be a smart next step to my routine? Right now, I am more interested in gaining girth although length will also be important to me as time passes.
• Should I stick with what I am doing and just add time to each exercise?
• I have read about the Power Jelq Device at - does anyone have any experience with that? Is it too early for me to consider using devices?
• I have thought of using supplements (i.e. arginine, trebles, etc.) as discussed in the supplements forum. Can I take them no matter what stage of PE I am at?…
• Or is it all just a matter of trying different things (two hand length extender) and see what works for you?

Although I have read through all the Forum Guidelines, FAQ, PE links, and so on; this is my first post and I cannot guarantee that I won’t break a rule somewhere. As such, please let me know if you have any feedback on how to post… and certainly if you have any advice concerning my routine or if you would like to ask me about anything I failed to mention if it can eliminate any confusion or help my situation. I do have other topics and situational questions I’d like to pose and include senior members, but would like to wait until I am able to post in other forums. As always, thanks for all the good info!

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I can’t believe it has taken you this long to post!!
- I would firstly look at your schedule. I found a 5 on 2 off schedule worked best for me.
- You don’t mention your stats. Generally, aim for length first unless you have an issue with your girth.
- Can’t help you with the PJ
- You can take supplements at any stage of PE, although they are not essential
- I often “mix it up”. But not until I have given sufficient time for a routine to work (or fail to work).

Good luck!

Thanks for the feedback 69!

I know I should up the days per week and will shoot for 5 a week. It just takes me awhile to do it all so it is hard to find the time. My beginning stats as of two months ago are as follows:
BPEL: 6.75
EG: 4.875
So I would like to see more girth as soon as I can, but if it is better to go after length first that is fine (And that is done primarily by jelqing and stretching the glans?).

I suppose I’ll re-measure myself in another couple months?

My fastest length gains came from doing the least amount of work. Check out the link in my sig to my Routine thread to see exactly what I mean.
If you want it bad enough…you will find the time.
Both jelqing and stretching are excellent length exercises. As a general rule, jelqing at <50% will focus on length and at >60% will focus on girth.
I personally do not wait longer than a month to measure. How do you know if it is working if you don’t measure?

Hope this helps.

Good post oss, I was wondering the same thing as you. I’m also aiming for girth with any length that would come along.

Originally Posted by Osseous

So I would like to see more girth as soon as I can, but if it is better to go after length first that is fine

Just to clear this up. :)

I believe that a combination of length/girth exercises are advantageous over either a length or girth only routine.

When you start to get to “extreme” girth (6.5” plus??) would you begin to hamper length gains.

It don’t think it has been proven either way, although many members to believe in the rubber band theory exclusively.

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