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What I learnt from peing, general truths

What I learnt from peing, general truths


Well I have been peing for a while and wanted to share some general truths and get feed back especially from those with a year or more under their belt.

-Pe works, it has made me longer and girthier, although personally I think more than 1” length and .25” are hard to come by.
-Pe is subject to diminishing returns the best results happen in the 1st 6-12 mos.
-You have to keep peing to stay plumped and heavy (and you also have to brush your teeth everyday ! Ie not a problem)
-Pe makes my pecker perkier, kegals especially make erections better.
-Conversely you can suffer e.d. A little if you overdue, use common sense !!
-The basics workbest.


Big thks to the main man, mods and contributers for turning me on to this, I hope I can give a little back every now and then.


Well err, thanks for your contribution. :)

Originally Posted by pabs
-Pe is subject to diminishing returns the best results happen in the 1st 6-12 mos.

As are all endeavors in life - weight training, diet, etc. Nobody continues to make newbie gains indefinitely, until they simply tire of an activity.

However, by tweaking your approach here and there, taking some much needed deconditioning breaks, you can get significantly more from PE than the guy who takes one run through, full bore, hits the wall then quits.

I have gone months with zero gains - long after the newbie phase - and then made some adjustments and got a quick 1/4” EL gain in only a few weeks. We can continue to do this and gain an additional 0.5” to 1” or more after we thought our gains had all dried up. That’s why so many vets hang out here. Eyes & ears open, hoping to snatch a few choice nuggets o’wisdom.

Nicely put Wadzilla. Agreed!

Well said,agree totaly with you.

PE is subject to diminishing returns the best results happen in the 1st 6-12 mos.”

Of course it is true - just the same if you went to the gym and stuck at the same routine and weights for year after year. You would make “newbie” gains and then nothing further. Makes sense.

But that does not equate to further gains not being possible. You up the level of exercise and push on.

Why should a totally different set of rules apply when it comes to PE??

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