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What happened?

What happened?

When I was 13 years old , I remember that I”ve had a 5 inch dick. At 20, and my penis was still 5 inchies long. After I”ve started PE it has grown 0,5 of an inch. The question: Why did it stoped growing at the age of 13? I Remember that , at that age my dick was longer and thicker in copmarison with a friend of mine , wich is older than me with 2 years, and then a cople of years latter his dick was bigger then mine. What do you think it happened? Could it be because at thatage I”ve begun to develop an uppwart curvature?

Stormy it all depends on your genetic code. Dont bother about it. Just continue with your PE.


Walk slowly but never backwards.

People grow different and so do their dicks.

Depinde de genetic Stormy.

When I was 13, mine wasn’t much, if at all, bigger than my 3 year old brother’s. When I was 15-16 it grew quite a bit.

Maybe you started to grow facial hair when you were a young teen?

I’m happy that I didn’t grow facial hair until I was 19.IMO, it means you aren’t done growing when you don’t have any facial hair.I may be wrong though

Just your growth pattern. It’s in your DNA. I haven’t grown physically since I was fifteen. I’m the same size now (5’ 10) that I was then. Tho I have added a lot of muscle. :) Best just forget about it and do your PE.

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