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What does she think about your size?

What does she think about your size?

Just out of curiosity, does anyone believe or have an opinion on whether or not females use the largest sized cock they’ve had as a benchmark for what is “large”? And once they’ve established their own size range how are smaller dicks, either slightly or significantly smaller, viewed as?

For example (and I hope to entice some of the female contributors here to voice their thoughts); if a female experienced say a 9x6.5 and did enjoy it after a bit of pain no less, it would obviously be considered “large” in her book, but would somthing smaller be less attractive from then on?

This of course is more in regards to LTR and marriage as opposed to club sex or one night sexcapades. I also understand that there are many more factors involved than penis size for a female to be fully satisfied in a monogomous relationship. Having said that, I’m interested in just singling out how a female typically looks at a smaller penis after having had a larger one. And if it is best to just be the biggest she has ever had either naturally or through PE if that answer is in fact females feel some sort of void if they’ve been given a huge unit and are now left with and average sized one?

Well, I just had it confirmed from my wifes friend (who I work with) that my better half thinks I’m huge. If I was better sexually and had a smaller unit I would get more…


The wife definitely derives more intense stimulation/pleasure from my 78% larger unit. Bigger IS better - just ask Bib. :)

Oh wait, he's not here anymore.

Bigger is better… but not always. I have recently talked to two women that had men that were too big and caused much pain. But, wouldn’t you rather be too big for a woman than too small? You can always find another gal that loves your large size. However, personally I would rather be a more ideal size that would please more women than just a few. Maybe that is why the goal of so many is 8 x 6.

To answer the original question. My opinion is that a woman probably uses the largest cock they have been intimate with to judge size. Once they have handle and taken in various sizes I think they can be better judges. But I am a guy, and it would be best for a woman to answer this one.

My recent girlfriend told my that her ex was huge (girth the size of a coke can). This intimidated me at first but she said she avoided intercourse with him because it hurt so much. We have awesome sex together. Pre PE I would have avoided a women that had a man with a big one. Now thanks to PE I can tread where I have not dared to go before.

I never said I wanted to be 12 x 8 - that would be “too big” (for most women, anyway - not all). I think an even better size than 8 x 6 might be about 8.5 x 6.25 - doesn’t sound much different but is still about 15% more cock.

And a 9 x 6.5 is about 30% more cock than an 8 x 6. But I believe that guys who exceed this size (more than 30 ci) probably have a limited pool of “available pussy.”

No complaints from the Mrs. If you warm them up properly—lots of foreplay, licking and sucking on that clitoris, tongue deep in the vagina, until she’s nice and wet, with lots of lube flowing from both parties, until she’s begging for it, most women can handle about anything you present to them. Just my opinion.


"It's not the getting there but the going that's gotta be good." Varg


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