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What does everyone's username mean?

A couple of months ago I was kind of depressed with my dick size, but I came to the conclusion that there are worst things happening. Life goes on, so I should staypositive. Another reason is this forum which gives my the psycholoigal power to hope and work for a bigger dick. On day he will be bigger!!

Mosquito dick the bug fucker!

I had wanted to try PE but was back and forth about it. I had read on various other sites that it could cause E.D., scar tissue could build up and cause deformities or shrinkage, etc., etc.

Despite the warnings I was so concerned about getting a bigger dick that I finally said to myself one night - fuck it I’m just goingforit.

Great thread! Some really LOL origins. Mine comes from the keyboard. Before Microsoft conquered the computing world, the keyboard layout was referred to as the “QWERTY” keyboard. I am a fairly fast typer thus “fastqwerty.”

Mine comes from the line of clothing - (Starter) - I have a hat with Starter written on it, and I as trying to come up with a name for my email, and couldn’t think of anything, so I stared down at my hat and saw Starter!

When I tried to use it for my email, it had already been chosen, so I simply added a 7, because that’s my favorite single digit number, and it had also been chosen, so I tried two sevens, also chosen, three sevens, yep, it was also chosen, so I finally got it with four 7’s.

And I figured I would use this for my name here, cause I went through so much trouble*LOL*!

Fubar- “Fucked up beyond all recognition”.. From the Movie Tango and Cash.

Start: EL: 5.8" EG: 4.8" Current: EL: Approx 7.0" EG: 5.7"

rymdrattan is actually rymdr(å)ttan and means space rat.

Also you might have seen sometime that i sign with räven which
means the fox or just fox. Came up when a friend inturprated ^reever^ wrong. :D

anyways.. over and out

Girlfriend called me that joking around.

Course she could have been referring to a spider monkey and not to one of the larger primates.

Another cool thread I never saw before.

I had to come up with a name quick and SixerMan (for 6”) came up. God thats a boring name. Stuck with it now.

I loved some of the clever names, FUBAR is great! I’m going to use that term at work now…

cead mile failte :lep:

Two things pure and necessary and righteous for our well-being and survival. Enough said.

Formerly known as Sex&Guns. R.I.P.


I use FUBAR a lot, most people have no idea what I am talking about, until I educate them ;) .
I tried to use just FUBAR once and i couldn’t so i just added the 993 (for no apperent reason) and have used that as a “handle” ever since on many different forums. So, if you any one meets a fubar993 in a non-pe forum, you know who I am.

Start: EL: 5.8" EG: 4.8" Current: EL: Approx 7.0" EG: 5.7"

Girl if you hussle you could have a tussell with Russell the love muscle……who sits about 4 inches soft.

Start 030104 EBPL: 6.25" EG : 5.6" Mid LOT : 7:30 GOAL: 0.25 in any direction...."I'm not picky"- length would be nice "GIVE ME A %&#'N INCH OR GIVE ME DEATH"

I chose Rambone because I aspire to have a member like his.

As soon as I saw your name I thought “Ramboner” would be better. Ol well.


Peing since--November 2003

I like to kegel, man.

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