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What do you think about this PE device?

What do you think about this PE device?

Can I build it on my own for a little money?
The attracting thing about this product for me is the vacuum fixation of the penis, a loop of plastic causes too much pain for me.

I already saw instructions for a similar thing to build on my own but this vaccum-condom-method doesnt seem to be reproducable for a little money…..

Bye, SPV

I’ve never seen one “in the flesh,” but those look like condom catheters. If so, they are available online for a couple bucks each and come in at least two sizes. Do a Google search. Here’s one site.

Has anyone tried one of these catheters for attaching an ADS?

This seems pretty like the ads device lil12big1 demonstrates in his tutorial, with the exception of the attachment device. tryn4more suggested using a catheter for this kind of attachment.

I see hobby just pointed that out too :D

btw the one lil12big1 demos uses a wrap to attach rather than a ring. Also on TH site there’s an example of the golf weight solution which is not ring based either.

Looking further, condom catheters are made of several different materials. I haven’t a clue which would be most durable for an ADS, or if they’d even work at all. Some have an adhesive inside. If you choke off the tube end it should pull a bit of vacuum when tension is applied. A section of appropriately sized bicycle innertube may serve the same purpose. Just a thought - I haven’t tried it.

The most interesting thing about this (WAY overpriced) stretcher is that it doesn’t use a leg strap as an anchor, but instead utilizes a loop around the base of the penis which causes a v-stretch. Good idea.

kondom katheters arent strong enough for that i think…..

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