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What do you tell the ladies?


What do you tell the ladies?

When the chicks ask how big it is, which happens to me quite often, what do you guys tell tehm as far as bone pressed or non bone pressed goes, since there can be quite a difference? I know bone pressed is teh way they are measured for studies and what not but you usually only see non bone pressed.

Tell ‘em bone pressed. Usually it’s not too much a difference anyways, and how’re they gonna know unless the bust out a ruler and ask you to whip it out to measure?

I just play cool and say -“Well… What about going over to my place and you’ll see and feel how big it is!”… Her curiosity rises and she’ll consider, and she finally leaves the place with me… (joking :) )

I’ll tell her my BP length, obviously ;)

A Man behind his mask.

That is exactly right. I would tell here if she wants to know then I have to show her. IOW I’ll be glad to show you but I am not going to just tell you.


Echo that...

Then ask her how tight her pussy is and if it smells.

Do you hang around strip joints or porno sets? - i don’t think a chick has ever come up to me and asked how big my cock is.

See Ya,


I ussually say it looks just like a penis only smaller

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Hehe, good one BigJ.

That never happend to me either, except online, where women are a lot more daring. If they work hard enough on it I give them BP.


no one EVER asks me, who are these women everyone nonchalantly talks about

I get asked all the time. I just smile and say some weird shit back. Like you’ll just have to take a number tonight to see. It works though. I don’t want to be truthful and say “I would shorely disappoint you”.

Yes I do over frequent bars and strip clubs. But don’t forget I am almost seven feet tall.

It weirds me out when a guy takes more of an interest in asking me about it.

It happened to me only once. A girl I worked with asked me and I played dumb and said I had no idea, but would be happy to let her measure. She said maybe after a couple of cocktails, but never followed through! LOL!

I never answer that question…..I just lick my eyebrows.

"God is dead"-Nietzsche

"Nietzsche is dead"-God

LOL, God I love you guys!!!

I am daily around beautiful (somewhat intoxicated) women in my job as a piano player. Around 10 or 11 pm, I have the room mood assessment down and play to it. They flock over, it’s socially Okay for women to hang around the piano player, and men have never punched me out so far, LOL.

After there favorite standard, I deliberately steer the conversation toward the ebb and flow, the in and outs, the slow, light teasings of a well constructed melody design. I use tons of sexual inuendo (if I am in the mood to goof) Everytime, I get a lot of playful how big is it type of questions, (well not all the time, Jesus) and I always say:” I’ve never had any complaints”…

I am so damn shy, I usually cut it off and disappear to the kitchen for the rest of the night during breaks. The way wifey is these days, I am considering a major life style change….LOL.

Ok, I’ve yet to have a woman ask me with my clothes on how big I am. I have had a few ask me nude during sex/foreplay though. I have only measured myself once for one woman. With the others if I get compliments or asked how big am I or whatever….I make it a point to be modest. I’ll say something like “oh, gosh I dont know…is it big to you?” or “do you think it’s big?” If they say something like “are you kidding? it’s huge!” or “yes, it’s the biggest I’ve seen!” Again, I’m modest and say something like “well thanks!” or “wow, thanks for the complement” or “I’ve heard that once before but, I thought she was just being nice”. Ya know the dumb, lovable guy with a big dick attitude….that’s not overly cocky and obviously aware that he has a big dick. That’s how I like to be.

I’ve been asked a few times. Once in High School I was trying to make a move on this chick and outa nowhere “well, you hung?” WHAT?!? “Is your dick huge?” Uhh, sure. My response was “Yeah but since that’s all you’re after you aint getting none.”. Heh, even though i’m hung like a gerbil. The second was my ex fiance`, when we first met asked how big it was. That time played the “Dunno, never bother to measure it”. Lucky me, she wanted a small one cause she was tight as a vice. *shrugs*

what is this?

Who gives a fuck about drunk sluts around a piano bar, is that “quality”, I mean could
they even appreciate a guy who is hung. Hell no. Vivance, I’m impressed you are a piano
player (didn’t know, tell more more in PM) and that is a good thing, but I am as screwed up
as you are, and I fail to see the point in ANY of these posts in this string. Maybe someone
can enlighten me, but don’t throw stones too hard.

Cajun: I have never met a girl in Louisiana who gives a damn, and I have been introduced to very
many—-too many. What is this? I live very close to you.

Where the hell do you live twateaster—LfuckingA, a straight male in SanFran with over 5 inches,
NYC, Atlanta,? Must be 4,000 miles from me and the lack of quality women available just
proves it.

Rocco must be either very young or in a large metro city or both.

Where are the “quality” women out there who appreciate size, skill, and intelligence? Oh, to
have more time and money to travel the world.

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