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What do you tell her?


When my current girlfriend asked me the size of my penis, I held my best straight face and said:

“About 12cm , I’m a bit smaller than average”

She laughed out loud. Guy up there is right, the less you seem to care about it, the better.

Originally Posted by beowulf
Yeah totally usable! I try to get my damn balls in there! Yeeehaa!


I highly recommend googling the “BOOYAH Video”.


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Dude! I am trying to eat my dinner here, man…. *blech*

I had a GF ask me this after about a year and a half. I said I didn’t know and that I had never measured. She then said who cares how big it is I love it. I then asked her how big she thought it was and she thought for about a few seconds and said a measurement that was about 2” longer than I was NBP. I replied that I wasn’t really sure and again she said who cares.

I will say that I was scared to ask her what she thought but could not resist hearing what she would guesstimate.

Well, to get around to the original question - I don’t. I prefer to hear their comments as they come out in time, when they feel comfortable enough to make them.

I’ve never been asked and I’d be a bit put-off if a woman did (unless she could see a pup-tent or groped or something during foreplay).

I’m doing this to improve my ability to please her (which pleases me). The woman finds out when it’s brought out to play :) .

“It’s not long, but it is thin.”

TenaciousD’s got it right. My favorite (overheard from my friend pete) — it’s tiny, but it’s got two heads.

Seriously, the only time I’ve been asked this is *after* sex — into the relationship. I think she was just trying to understand how to quantify the feeling.

I agree with a couple items mentioned on this thread:

Women usually estimate larger than you really are

The best response to the question is a joke that shows you’re not worried about it. I like to say it’s as big as my pinky. One girl I met jokingly asked if I had a big one. I just confidently replied that she’ll find out soon, and sure enough I got her into bed a couple days later. After dating her a little while she asked how big I was, and I did what baywatch did: said I didn’t know and asked what she thought. She estimated about 1.5” longer than my BPEL.

Whatever you say, say it with confidence.


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