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What do you do while PEing?

What do you do while PEing?

Sometimes I just can’t bring myself to PE because I just get too bored tugging on my dick for the better portion of an hour. And I do not hang - if I did I would just hang out on the internet or something with the use of both my hands.

I am talking about stretching/jelqing/clamping. Since I use lube when I clamp and jelq, my hands are almost useless to do other things. When I stretch, I have the use of one hand, but I like to alternate so its tough. I can’t watch TV since I need to do this in the privacy of my bedroom, but I do have a PC.

What do you guys personally do while you PE? Do you just suck it up and play with your dick for an hour, or do you put your attention on something more entertaining? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Concentrate on the exercise - your mind is a powerful tool. Like weight-lifting while listening to music, I can’t do it. I need to concentrate on one thing to fully benefit and enjoy it. Concentrate on your senses while you’re PEing, and you should find it enjoyable or at the very least contentable.

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If you have broadband you can watch videos from sites like or you could download some tv shows or video podcasts and watch them. I concentrate a little while I am jelqing to make sure I get the most from each rep and that I don’t go too hard (because then I get the red spots in my head) but I don’t see why you would have to concentrate on stretching. You are just stretching ligaments and the tunica, it’s not like you are weightlifting. As long as you keep good tension going you should be able to multitask there.

Hmm, good point. Don’t spend too long stretching, can see why you’d want something if you’re hanging/stretching for long periods. Still, the power of the mind is more than you’d think, it’s possible to ‘will’ yourself to grow if you follow. *shrugs*

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I usually watch tv while stretching and jelqing. Then while clamping I browse the forums, check e-mail, play counter strike

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Originally Posted by BlakeT
I usually watch tv while stretching and jelqing. Then while clamping I browse the forums, check e-mail, play counter strike

Me too, only I play age of empires 3 :jumpblue:

I usually read forums/self improvement articles while doing manual stretching, and while jelqing I was watch porn in short bursts while trying to concentrate on having a bigger dick.

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I usually watch TV as well. It helps with the distraction so that I don’t get aroused from pulling on my dick. Since I’m still on the newbie routine (on and off) I am still getting used to PE. The TV helps with the transition, but I make sure that I’m not watching Baywatch or something along those lines. I usually watch less stimulating TV like news/sitcoms.

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I’ve been reading a book, or perusing the forums. Now every page in my book has an oily spot on the corner :)

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Sometimes I cruise the net for porn. Other times I just read about PE for inspiration. I have watched porn videos on occasion, but not that frequently.

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