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What do I feel?

What do I feel?

I hope this question is being asked in the right thread.

For the mods and experienced PEers, when I stretch my dick out, no matter what the angle, I feel something the length of my dick like a strong cord on the inside — is this my urethra?

If it is, does the uretha have to be stretched to make length gains? or is there normally enough “slack” in the urethra that accommodates to stretching?

Regards, Zurn 3/1/204: bpel 6.00, eg 4.75, bpsfl 6.25 4/4/2004: bpel 6.25, eg 4.875, bpsfl 6.50 5/26/2004: bpel 6.50, eg 5.00, bpsfl 7.00 7/1/2004: bpel 6.50, eg 5.125, bpsfl 7.00 8/1/2004: bpel 6.50, eg 5.125, bpsfl 7.125

This I believe is the septum. I feel the same thing when I stretch. The guys here will be able to help you out more, as I dont fully understand it myself.

Can you touch it on the top of your dick? or is it more underneath towards the inside? If you can feel it at whatever angle then it’s probably the tunica. If you feel it while stretching downwards then it is the ligaments.



If it feels like a thin cord, it is probably your ligs. Your ligs would certainly take up the load before your urethra would.

The ligaments do not extend down the shaft. The suspensory lig, which attaches the top of the penis to the pubic bone can sometimes be felt right next to the body. The corpora cavernosum, when empty of blood, can feel like cords when stretched. The septum is where the tunica of the two corpus cavernosum touch side by side. It’s therefore a bit thicker than the rest of the tunica.

The urethra is surrounded by the corpus spongiosum and is basically a soft structure.

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