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what can be wrong guys

The second little button from the top right is a search function. The Search function on this board is your best friend. Get to know it, and use it.

Read every link in this thread. It is another one of your good friends.
A Newbie Primer

The information for the V-Stretch is Here.


Going for 7.5X6, then 8.5X6.5, then who knows. Girth Brooks - "Didn't get any real gains until I started shutting my cock in a car door and then falling back."

biggerlund wants to shout from the rooftops of Amsterdam:

“Kya tum mere hahti lund chooso ge?”


If someone didn’t plateau by four months, I’d suspect there’s something wrong! ;) Think of it this way.. You’ve cemented your gain. Now change up your program and gain more.

P.S. Remember that “i” is always spelled “I”, and “ur” is a no no. (Thunder has alarms that go off when someone types that)

Haha wadzilla that was so not a good sentence for asking my best friend’s girl to translate.

hey wadzilla good joke man. but i would love if your girlfriends chooses my lund.

Originally posted by biggerlund

hey wadzilla good joke man. but i would love if your girlfriends chooses my lund.


How about if I ask your girlfriend, “Kya tum muj se chodwow ge?”



I used to work with a Sardar & a Pakistani - and they used to fight like hell all the time, whether it was about Gopi Harbajan Singh or Islam, or Radcliffe’s partitioning, Independence, etc., etc.

I learned a lot of Hindi/Urdu/Punjabi from it - and mostly bad stuff, but some regular words too.

I was just kidding with you.


Poli poli to pela kyoni boli

hun jaan de holi holi.


Hey Thunder,

I am still waiting for the spelling police to send my get out of jail free card!!!
I live in Louisiana, that should count for SOMETHING;)

1.25 inches down, 1.75 to go!!!!!! For 8" NBP

hey wadzilla I think ur cracking to many jokes. moderator sir should try to take some action . I can also abuse some person on his native country or language.I hope you don’t hurt feelings

Hamaar laar bahoet bharka bah :-,

It is your, not ur.

Actually in that context it would be you’re. Sorry I couldn’t help it.

I was just joking man, relax.


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