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What are we doing to our dicks?


What are we doing to our dicks?

Does anybody have a real answer on this one? What, physically, adds girth? As far as length, I’m aware we’re stretching the tunica and also the ligs. By stretching the ligs, we’re basically bringing more of our dicks out of the body, but not really adding length I think. I just wanted to know if anyone knows what the increased size is and whether it is healthy. I mean, is a tunica supposed to be stretched?

Are we making cosmetic changes or physical changes?

I don’t buy into the “we are just pulling more dick out of our body’s” theory. Some perhaps, but don’t we need some dick in our body’s to act as an anchor? Also, look at some of the big gainers. No way that adding 4+ inches is just cosmetic, and I don’t think these guys had 4 inches of extra dick inside them.

This stuff really works. Healthy? It is your dick, so be careful with it. Any kind of injury and stop NOW until it heals.

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I’ve wondered, too, about the “pulling out the buried dick” theory. If that were so and we pulled out a couple inches, the anchor as it were, wouldn’t our erections point to the floor? My angle hasn’t changed by any perceptible degrees.



I have read where others have poticed a change in hange angle as well as erection angle. Mine still hanges the same and points just shy of straight up when I stand with a woodie.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

I heard on the discovery channel that like 75% of your dick is inside your body.

Not that I believe the theory that all we’re doing is pulling it out.

I am a bit surprised about this thread so far. Contrary to what has been said before, I am quite sure that stretching/hanging first of all “pulls” further dick out of the body. People here tend to know, where the cul-de-sac in a woman is located but on the other hand seem not to have noticed that their dick is running along almost to the butt hole. Touch your region between your legs when you have an erection, you can feel the engorged spongy chambers there. That’ also where you can feel the PC muscle working. Also the famous lig popping is felt in this region. I’d assume there is about 3 to 4 inches “inside dick” in all of us.

I always read posts saying “My dick still points to the ceiling”. I don’t mind people promoting their erection angle. It’s still associated with stamina. First of all, I never experienced women commenting on my angle (was quite low from the beginning, when I was a child I used to carry my dick bent down in briefs). Instead, in school we had a good laugh about those who reported difficulties in penetrating their girls e.g. from behind when standing because of a very steep erection angle. Among PEers it should be clear that erection angle has not much to do with rigidity. One last word: Funny that many write they’d have steep erection angles, but when it comes to member pics, there are not many to none. Also, when I watch porn it’s dogfart stuff. If someone pulled out more than 4 inches, it’s Lexington… and his erection never points to the ceiling. Instead, he and his long dicked mates manage to fuck a girl when sitting opposite to each other on a couch, his feet beneath her ears - and it’s not due to sucking rigidity - GOT THE POINT?

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KPR 0.072 @ Dec. 4, 2003

Lxl just ha to add that dogfart rules!!!!!

Retsnom, I think Dogfart has two sides, as everything in life *lol*. I’d suspect it might depress some men when watching these “visually*** giant black dicks fucking girls with their whole length”. I have to admit that from my teenage time on I was fascinated by pussies being really fucked to their limits. I was so keen on watching “Black Hammer” back in the 80s, a French production and the first black long dong in the porn business, that I sneaked in the living room with my parents sleeping in their bedroom next to it to watch it the same night I got hold of this video. At the same time, porn movies featuring a hyper sexy actress but a bunch of average dicks are an absolute down turn on me. I’d skip such a movie and would return it without wanking!

Still from a psychological point of view it’s strange that I didn’t experience serious mental damages by always watching superior dicks in porn. I read an analysis about the Kysa Braswell stories. The tenor was, that these stories target masochistic tendencies in white males, who are turned on by reading about women cheating their tiny dick husbands with five hung blacks. It’s a very complex thing, I guess. Nevertheless at the same time I am very obsessed with my own dick (in a positive way), always wiggling it in front of my girlfriend, placing it on her shoulder when she sits in front of the computer, pushing it against her ass when she’s changing clothes, unpacking it when driving in out car and so on and so forth… I can’t help it, it’s all about dicks, as it was for the ancient Egyptians and other African cultures - BUT I AM WHITE EUROPEAN, WHAT THE HACK?

***I fully agree with DLD, that Dogfart productions are excellently skilled in getting the biggest results possible out of the dicks they feature (angle, girl’s size etc…)

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KPR 0.072 @ Dec. 4, 2003

I too get turned on by watching “superior” men bang the shit out of women also the concept of a women “getting what she always wanted” is such a turn on for me watching a women who is getting gangbanged by huge cocks (not for money…the amateur home vid stuff) and getting a fantasy filled rocks my world!!

Also even though im not big i obsesse over my tool also and things like rubbing it on a womens face and swinging it around get me off.

And yes dogart has mastered the art of big black dick penatration movies!!!

(begins search for “black hammer”….)

My theory is that girth is totally reliant on the tunica. I think that the dick can fill up with much more blood but the tunica restricts it. Length comes from stretching the ligs. Because the ligs are longer all you have to do is pump more blood into the penis. We are not simply pulling out our penises. IF that were the case the whole base would be sore and not just where the ligs are.

Penis inside

Years back I saw diagrams (and some sort of xrays if I remember rightly) that showed how much of a mans penis was actually inside the body. I was amazed - it was a good 4 inches if not more. As to the ‘pulling it out of the body’, I would have to agree with the posts above in that we are actually stretching the ligs, and if any hang angle is lost it would be precisely for this reason



I guess I’ll weigh in on this one.

I think that it is possible for some of the penis to be pulled forward, but not by much. Perhaps 1/2” at the most. I think that if lengthening of the shaft did not occur and all you were getting was exposing hidden penis, then guy that gained 3 inches would have thiers assholes right behind thier balls. IMHO enlargements is due to enlargement.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!


It’s not only that there are PEers with their ass holes right behind the nuts, but that they wear their pubic hair all along the shaft. And even more, these guys play pool with their nuts, guess what’s the queue and what’s the pocket…

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KPR 0.072 @ Dec. 4, 2003

Originally posted by L born XXL buried
***I fully agree with DLD, that Dogfart productions are excellently skilled in getting the biggest results possible out of the dicks they feature (angle, girl's size etc…)

This is the business Dogfart is in…Taking huge cocks and making them look larger than life. Whenever I come across the Dogfart stuff I am really impressed by Lex. At around 10” with the right camera angles you would swear he was a foot. They do very good work and I think the market they serve demands these illusions.

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple

That was very interesting. There must be some truth in what you

guys are saying, for I found with arousal and love making with my wife, my member seems to become larger than my 6in/4.5. Could have been my woman had an affect on my increase size during love sessions. With PE th increase to 7in/5in could have been there and just came out of me, yet who is to say. I’ll will keep PE’s and see if I can increase my size to 8in

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