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What are big balls?


My balls are pretty long. They’re almost exactly the length of my flaccid penis. (But I’m not sure what that is.maybe 4”)

You gotta remember that balls change in length constantly to keep them at a constant temperature. Sometimes I’ll look down and I’ll barely have any balls. They’ll be all sucked up into my body. Other times they’ll be hanging down to my knees.

But I’d much rather have short ones, for a few reasons.
1. They don’t get tossed about when you’re playing sports in boxers (which I do a lot)
2. When they’re tightened up, they push your penis outwards, and make it appear bigger.
3. A normal penis with smaller balls will look bigger than a normal penis with huge balls.

Starting: (8/12/04) BPEL: 7.75" EG: 5.5" (skinny) Goals: BPEL: 8" EG: Stupendous

Mine are 2.5” and I have been told they are big. I think the average is around 2, except I know that Asians are significantly smaller, around 1.25 (I’m not gonna go find the research, but I read it).

So if mine are big, you can judge by this pic what big balls are:


By the way, I don’t see the reason for trying to make balls bigger, hang lower, etc. Girls in general do NOT like them to hand real low and flaccid looking, and in general don’t give a rat’s ass if they’re a half-inch bigger. Also, think about it: you’re not going to be able to increase the size of an organ such as that. There is no way to stretch it, etc. I don’t believe one bit of this “ball-growing” stuff. Stick to making your dick bigger.

Actually dangleman, you are incorrect on that. You can more than make your balls bigger. And chicks DO care about ball size, AFAIK. Certainly not as much as penis size, but the idea of having some nice hanging nuts slapping her ass while you impale her is something a lot of chicks enjoy.

It’s an added effect, yes, not really necessary, but why the hell not have it? This site is about penile obsession, when you get down to it, so why not go all the way and include the entire area down there? =)

Well, if that’s true, then great! Ya know, more has to do with whether you are relaxed and warm, in terms of whether they’re hanging low and slapping her ass. most of the time, mine are pulled up either due to nervousness or not being warm enough. When they’re warm, though, they hang lower than my flaccid - they’re like wrecking balls!

CORONA 4: I noticed at the bottom of your post that you call your EG of 5.5 “skinny.” How do you figure?? That puts you in the top 7% of guys nationwide. I’m at 8” length, but I would kill for 5.5 girth. In fact, I’d trade you an inch of length.


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