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What about this routine?

What about this routine?

Recently I re-started PE with all the excersices, because i was becoming too lazy and just wore the Penimaster ans a vacuum pump, but then i realized that if i wanted real and fast gains i had to go back to all the stuff i did when i was gaining some length, so my new routine goes like this:

Manual stretch: 5 mins in each 5 directions
Jelqs : 300-500 (depends on my mood and time)
vacuum pump : 30-50 mins in the morning and 30-50 mins in the night
PeniMaster : at least 3 hours to a max of 12 hours

Of course the penimaster is almos impossible to wear for 12 hours, that has happenned only a few times the usual time is 7 hours a day.

Now my dick feels bigger, heavier by the day, but I don`t know if I am going too far, i mean like becomming obsessed with the idea of a big penis, ok, if I am I hope it helps my determination for working out.

What do you guys think obout my routine? Oh, I almost forgot, I do the manual excercises 3 on, 1 off and the Penis master everyday, i only rest from it when i have some inportant event that keeps me from home or office (which is almost once a week)

Start: (nov 04) Bpel= 17,8 * 13 Cms Bpfsl=18 Cms (July 07) Bpel= 19.7 * 13.5 Cms Bpsfl=20.6 Cms

Now: Prometo que lo voy a hacer, prometo que lo voy a hacer, prometo que lo voy a hacer.

Other than your missing shift key :D , I think it looks alright. Just stick with it, don’t become lazy. All the hard work will pay off for you in the end.

Maybe I don't like it, but I have no choice

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