What a great way start the morning!

Yesterday, I did my stretch and jelq routine, after taking the weekend off. So, I put on my favorite cd (Gloria Estefan - Unwrapped) and there, standing in the living room, alone, except for the dogs, I thought “What a great way to start the morning!” I love the initial stretches, when I can feel the ligs begin to give. My testosterone is up and I’m physically and psychologically ready for some penis play.

Man, I really look forward to the morning sessions and it gets me off on the right foot all day. Lately it seems that I’m gaining girth more than length, which is fine with me (measured 6” in girth (glans) after my cock ring kicked in and my penis started engorging). I wear cock and ball rings all day (three 2” rings, with a 1.75” ring in front, just behind my balls and cock). I use 6” section of cut off sock as a “sleeve” between the rings and my cock / balls. The sock serves to cushion the rings and prevent pinching. It also keeps my ballsac warm and stretched out.

Besides feeling good all day, I’m hoping the cock / ball rings will help me achieve length and girth gains by keeping my unit extended after the stretch and jelq sessions, so that any micro-tear repairs are done in an elongated state.

The forum is great. I’ve learned a lot. Chuckled at the posts that talk about the same mistakes that I’ve made. Enjoy the new twists and the member’s takes on sex, love, and life in general. MC

"If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always got."