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Went from 6.1G to 5.5G!!


Very very depressing.
I always find a reason to feel bad, this thing is definately one!
I really never considered stopping PE for real even if I never reach any of my goals, I will do it for the rest of my life.

Perhaps there aren’t any girth gains that will be permanent.

Girth gains for better sex, length gains for a worthless ego boost.


Originally Posted by john7grains
Well seems like cementing gains is bullshit. It kinda suck that you have to PE for the rest of your life…

Not really…it’s like working out your body for the rest of your life…sure it costs you an extra 30 minutes to an hour out of your day…but it ensures a healthier, longer life if you keep with it…

the same holds true to jelqing…you work it out everyday (or even every other day), you ensure that you’ll have a healthy big cock in your pants for life. I don’t see much wrong with that.

cementing gains

hey guys, the first time i stopped PE, i didnt do anything to prevent loosing gains, and i lost about .25 of length and girth in 6 months, which isnt to bad.

When i was PEing, after jelqing id twurl my penis in a helicopter type motion as fast as possible for 15-20 (holding at base). i did 5 sets of these followed by 3 sets of 3minute hot wraps, in which these twurls were carried out between sets. I strongly believe this helped prevent large losses after PE.

Knowing this the 2nd time i took time of PE, i carried out 5, 3 minute hot wraps, doing these twurls in between. while hotwrapping i carried out PC clamps. i did this everyday with little time expense! and i did not loose any girth, and only lost half a cm in length. hope this helps

Originally Posted by MustBeDreaming
Well this is disappointing, back in January I had reached 6.1 in erect girth and was 6.25 after workouts. Well I had to quit PE after overdoing it and hurting myself. Every once in a while I would do my PE excersizes but more lightly. Back in may I went down to 5.75G, that sucked but I wasn’t doing much PE. Now here it is in August and I am now 5.5G! That’s over half an inch of loss and was doing light maintenance. So really how permenant are these girth gains?
When I was 6-6.1 girth, I held that for about 3 months, before the 3 months I was 5.75, 6 months before that I was 5.5. So all that time and hard work put into those amazing gains are gone. It’s really disapointing. I had more than enough time to heal and hold the gains. So what happened? I also lost .25 in length, leaving me at 7.


If PE was easy everybody would have a “ten incher”. I think you probably started PE too aggressively and as a result you gave up too soon.

Here’s my logic/opinion of what may be happening:

Non-abusive PE/FR creates better penile/genital vascularization. With this increased blood flow the penis experiences better nocturnal erections (nighttime PE) which helps to maintain or create more size from the efforts of daytime PE. However, should the blood flow return to it’s previous state (after stopping daytime PE for a long period), everything works in reverse causing the penis to shrink back down. In my opinion, over eager PE’ers sometimes confuse cellular growth from improved blood flow. I believe increased blood flow and lig stretch can create fantastic temporary gains (maybe one to two inches), but actual cellular growth is something that takes a lot of time and dedication to achieve.

I’m no PE expert, but I can honestly say that I’ve gained a solid .5” length x .5” circumference in cellular growth since the start of my very spotty and irregular PE/FR career in the fall of 1999. I believe this is a permanent size increase because of having an extended break of several years consecutive without a loss in size of more than this much compared to my original starting size. This is why it’s probably a bad idea to stop PE’ing for extended periods like I did. I can only imagine what size I would be right now had I continued regularly with the sensible and practical routine that I used back then.

I tend to reason that for most men there are at least three intertwined variables that contribute to PE gains probably in this order - improved blood flow, lig stretch, and finally cell growth. I’m of the opinion that blood flow and lig stretch can revert back or diminish, but cellular growth is most likely permanent. This is probably why some PE’ers lose fifty percent of their gains as Beenthere mentioned above. The increased blood flow and lig stretch gains may diminish, but the cellular growth gains remain.

Who knows? I’m sure there are a lot of other factors to consider. The above is just my ramblings of which may or may not be correct, but it’s what I currently believe.


Ah, hello, 4-5 years of PEing here, lol, I wouldnt call that giving up to soon. And I’m not giving up. That makes alot of since what you said, my girth must have been mainly increase in bloodflow and the length from stretching which I haven’t been doing. So what can I do to help with cellular growth?


Maybe using some sort of ADS device to keep it stretched out after your PE sessions would help with cellular growth. I believe it does help. Check out the GripTwist thread in the picture forum to get one idea that’s easy enough.


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