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Has anyone received respectable growth from the Captain’s Wench? It allows me to stretch without my hand getting tired. However, I feel that the Wench stretches the base and internal part of my penis the most, and stretches the mid section of my penis second most, but the area that the Wench is covering (the upper portion of my penis) I feel that it does not stretch it at all. Could someone give me some pointers or alternative methods to stretching or tell me what I’m doing wrong with the Captain’s Wench, because I lose my grip so easily when I use my hand.

You might want to build a Wenchette, which is a 1/2-width Wench. This will minimize the area under the hanger. I close my Wenchette with a Turn-Key clamp, which gives very fine control over tightness.

It sounds like you might be getting a lot of skin stretch. Some of this is inevitable when you’re first starting out, but you might want to check whether you can reduce this with your wrapping technique or hanger attachment.

By the way, so far in my opinion, nothing beats HTW’s for wrapping with the Wenchette (although I suspect Monkeybar’s silicone sleeves might give them a run for their money).

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So basically, a Wenchette is the same thing as the Capatin’s Wench just 1/2 the width of it. I might just take the Capatin’s Wench that I’m using right now and cut it in half.

Where do I place the Wenchette on my penis? Right below the gland?

I place mine about 1/4” to 1/2” below my circ. scar (closer to the base).

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ModestoMan, Why do I have to put the Wenchette 1/4” to 1/2” below my circ. Scar? Why not put it closer to the gland? The reason why I made a Wenchette is b/c I felt that the “Full Wench” was only stretching the base and mid section of my penis.

The closer to the circ scar you get, the less “inner penis” you will grab and the more pressure on your glans. He’s telling you to put it further back so that you will get the best stretch and also the safest.

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OK, so I did what you guys said and put it below my circumcision scar. However, I did notice that the skin above my circumcision scar did come up some over my Wenchette to my gland. Does this matter? Am I still getting a good stretch? I can only get one click with my cable clamp any tighter and it hurts like hell.

I think this is right, Viva51. When the weight is applied, the skin in front of the hanger generally bunches up and forms a cushion between the hanger and the glans. You need this cushion for comfort and safety. THe hanger also slides forward, and ends up closer to the glans than where you first applied it.

The stretch is very good and (I believe) affects the entire length of the shaft, even though the hanger doesn’t extend all the way to the tip. This happens because the hanger compresses and pushes forward the length of penis in front of it, as it simultaneously pulls on the length of penis behind it. As a result, everything gets stretched.

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Cool I think I will build a wenchette.

Ive been using the Wenchette for about 2 weeks now and it works pretty well. I dont think Ive been putting it down far enough though. I get a great stretch, no pain at all but I’ll start placing it a little lower from the circ. scar for now on.

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