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Well, it's not really ballooning...

Well, it's not really ballooning...

Hello all! Hope this hasn’t been brought up yet, but I haven’t seen anything on it and haven’t really found good info when searching. It’s really just my two cents.

Lately I have adopted an all jelq routine, as inspired by Mr. Horsehung himself. I have been doing 60-90 minute jelq sessions at 50% erection once, and if I have time, twice a day. But here’s my comment: lately after my sessions I have been arousing myself, without ejaculating, so that I keep an erection up for a straight 10 to 15 minutes. Then I just continue on in the day. This requires immense willpower on my part, and I have failed a couple of times, but if I can hold back I get much much better circulation after the session. Feels much heavier and better. I also stay away from any intense exercise so as not to draw blood away from the organ. Right, I just wondered why I haven’t heard much on this. It makes more sense for an all jelq routine, but edging or ballooning or whatever you call it, helps keep tons more blood flowing that way. I assume this has attributed to my gains, which so far have been .5 in length and girth. woohoo! I now use this technique after every session. Then I save the juice for sex and I seem to have a LOT more energy due to all this. Note: don’t do this right before sleeping. That is, if you need rest :)

Right, so enough babbling for now, but I thought a passerby may want to know that this is an easy way to keep lots and lots of extra blood down there for quite a while after a session, with me at least, provided that you can hold off from ejaculating. I now do this after every session, and I have been very pleased.

By the way, has Horsehung uploaded pics of his unit yet? Feel awkward asking that question, right… but he has been a major inspiration and a pic to cement in my mind would help with motivation. Happy gaining everyone!


Yeah I do this too.

I edge/balloon at 80-100% erection level and massage the base for 45 minutes straight without ejaculating. I do this everyday in addition to my PE exercises while watching some quality hardcore porn :D

My cock gets sooo heavy and pumped it feels like it’s gonna explode. Sometimes I stay hard for so long my johnson gets a bit numb too. It definitely feels good though!

Good to hear this could help with gains too…

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Yes, me too. I finish every session by massaging to a full erection and staying there for 10-15 minutes. Plus you get the extra bonus of massaging your cock when it is at it’s max size for the day, which is not only a visual turn on, but a sensory turn on for the way it feels in your hands. Whether I cum at the end or not doesn’t seem to matter much. I stay very large for the remainder of the day and especially into the evening hours, when it swells up very large just relaxing in front of the TV.

I am pretty sure that achieving an erection at the end of your PE session is a well known technique, but it is always worth while to remind guys to try it out and make it a routine practice.

I do the same thing if I feel I have the time. Getting a good hard on after a work out also seems to combat discoloration.

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I always edge while doing full erect jelqing and squeezing

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I to like to entertain a Post PE erection by doing some edging. I view this as not only a way to take advantage of your Post PE size but also a way to get in a PC workout by using the muscle to keep from ejaculating.

I’m with gprent101 on size staying enlarged whether I ejaculate or not. I do however believe that the duration of time for which the maximum erection is kept is relational to how much size is retained after the session.


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