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weird skin thing

weird skin thing

I have been peing on and off for about 1 and a half years. Around the middle of last year, I noticed that on the bottem of my penis there is this strange little line (parellel to the penis), and around it, the skin seems streached out, almost as if the skin streched for an increased girth, but only in that one spot (which is about 3/4 of an inch long and 1/3 on an inch across). I don’t know how this could have happened, unless I gained too much girth in too short a time and then lost it… but I think that is quite unlikley… Does anyone have any suggestions on how I might treat it, or how it happened? Does anyone have anything similar? Right now, I am trying to treat it by putting some cream on, which is supposed to help skin problems and scarring, I haven’t been putting it on long enough to tell if it is doing the trick.

Sounds like a stretch mark. I have some of those on my ass from doing squats, but I haven’t done anything to treat them.

Vitamin E is supposed to be good for reducing scarring and stretch marks. Or look around for products for women after they have given birth to reduce the stretch marks.

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You mean the line on the bottom which attaches the foreskin to the head?

That seam is called a raphe. I once tore mine while trying to tug skin out from under a wrap. Yeeeooow!

Is the loose skin in the donut area (circ scar and forward)? If so, do you get fluid buildup in that area when you PE?


it isn’t the skin which connects the foreskin to the head, but it is a little raised line down from there, more in the center of the shaft. around it, is where the skin seems to be looser. I think it will stop being noticible if I keep putting cream on it, and when I get a bigger flacid size (it seems to disapear when I am PEing and the skin needs to be more streached out).

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