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Weird continual lig pop?

Weird continual lig pop?

Okay so I have had lig pops in the past where I get the pop and then everything goes back to normal and it doesn’t pop anymore while doing my routine. I have started jelqing a new way where I jelq hard except I pull my dick to the left and right along my legs as far as it will go. As soon as I start pulling extra hard I will get a lig pop (in both directions) .. but I have to pull pretty hard to get them. The weird thing is that I can do them as many times as I want to, and I know that some people think lig pops = a sign that gains are coming. So should I keep trying to do a bunch of those lig pops every time I jelq? Do you guys think its useful or even worth it to stress after them?

I wouldn’t worry too much as long as they don’t come with any pain. I have had them from time to time.

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Nope never come with any pain, thanks though.

Any idea why I’ve NEVER had one in my three months of doing J123’s newbie routine? Has anyone else never had one despite doing PE for a few months?

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