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weightlifting and PE


Weight training and age...

I can see there are some very knowledgeable weight trainers on this forum.

One thing I’d like to add…

Assuming that proper diet, sleep and correct training is adhered to, younger trainers can tolerate more sets, frequency and recover much better than older trainers.

When I was 20 I could train 5-6 days a week, fully recover and grow with no problems. Now that I am in my late 30’s I cannot do this. I feel fortunate to be able to train hard 4 days a week and make progress. Now my main concern is to train as hard as possible without getting hurt :)

It’s also much easier to get fat when you’re older. When I was in my teens and early twenties, I could eat junk foods 3-4 times a day and not get fat. If I tried this now I’d resemble the goodyear blimp. Now I must implement 2-3 days of cardio to keep my waist down. I love food way too much to be on a very strict diet.

Morale of the story… Getting old sucks!


Observe... learn from other people's mistakes.

Originally posted by Gottagrow

Wadzilla you are ofcourse right in what you say. I only train twice a week, and only hit each exercise once a week. Its the only way I can recover from brutal training. I sometimes take 8 days to train twice. Its damn fun knowing you can relax all week and only do 2 hours of training in the whole week(so long as you train brutally hard) and still grow strong, infact grow stronger than any other program the sheep and wannabies follow. If the average human is awake 16 hours a day, thats 112 awake hours a week. 2 hours training equates to less than 1% of a waking mans life in training. Its pretty nice knowing you can get such tremendous results from so little time spent in pain. lol

Yep, you’re right. People used to say, “well, if you wanna train 12 hours per week….”


I’d tell them “Bullshit!” Like you, I would often hit certain muscle groups twice every 8 days, even 9 or 10 days. Ain’t it nice to do curls, for example, every 4 or 5 days (one workout medium, one ape-shit heavy). Nor would I do 15 or 20 sets - only about 4-5 or so + a warmup.

People had no idea how little I trained. But I busted nuts when I trained.

It’s not hard to break down a muscle. Lifting tears the tissue, then compensation (which could take 2-3 days - or more) brings the muscle back up to where it was; supercompensation (which could take even longer is when the muscle becomes more than it was). The guys who hit their muscles like hell every 2 or 3 days, doing marathon sessions, can’t figure out why their bench has been stalled for 7 months - or even why it’s down 15 lbs.


Need expert opinion on my routine...

Right now I’m going for a full body improvement I guess you can say… I’m looking to put on muscle, loose fat (going for 6pack) as well as PE gains (length, hardness, cum volume).

I decided to take in the training ideas here and apply it to my routine. I will list my workout schedule as well as suplements.

Sun/Tue/Thu— Cardio + Abs
Mon— Push routine (chest, shoulder, triceps)
Wed— Pull routine (biceps, back, forearms)
Fri— Leg routine (squats, ham curls, leg exts, calf raises)
Sat— Rest

I plan to do a PE session every day but Sat. I use the bathtub as my PE location. My PE session is this:
Warmup (5 min soaking in hot water bathtub)
Manual lig stretching (5 min hot water tub)
Manual ball stretching (5 min hot water tub)
Wet Jelqing with Baby Oil (20 mins out of water… edge of tub)
Warmdown (5 min soaking in hot water tub)

My diet and supplementation schedule:
Supplements— Creatine, L-Glutamine, CLA, EFAs, Extagen (Thinking about adding NO2 and TT)

Diet— I weigh 180lbs at 6ft, so I go for 200g protein a day and focus on more carbs first half of day (when i work out) and less carbs towards the end. I try to eat every 2-3 hours with about 30g protein each meal, and consume about 40-50 after workouts. All my training is in the AM when I wake up, including PE (I do PE after regular training).

Lemme know what you guys think and if I need to make any adustments. I feel like I may be trying for too much at once here… so if I need to focus on one aspect more please input!



Has anyone used NO2? From the book “The 21 Day Transformation” it sounds like a miracle pill as far as weight lifting and health are concerned. This book is put out by the people selling it though. From what I understand it is a form of or includes Arginine. Would taking Arginine by itself be just as effective and cheaper? If anyone has had any experience with NO2 please chime in. Thanks.



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