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weightlifting and pe

weightlifting and pe

I am into physical fitness, so when I started reading some of these routines it got me thinking. There has been references to bodybuilding when dicussing PE. To be most effective at bodybuilding you have to switch your routine every so often (I do every month) in order to shock the muscle into growing. Things like doing drop sets, negatives, or forced reps. These all are intended to confuse the muscle, which has become use to your normal routine. I just wanted to no if there is any correlation between the two, and if so what are some shock routines for PE?


This subject has been looooong discussed on the ezboard forum with out any definite conclusion. The penis isn’t a muscle so it won’t nessissarily respond the same way. But then again, it may respond to shock sessions and changing up your routine.

But you can think of it this way… can strech the exact same way every day and get more flexable. Your body doesn’t need changes to become more flexable, just a constant amount of stretching. Or thing about it like having braces on your teeth. They move your teeth with a constant level of pressure. There are tribes that stetch thier ear lobes by inserting larger and larger disks into the hole, again applying a constant level of pressure.

So it is up to you, like all of us this is one big experiment. We just keep trying new things and hoping our penises will get bigger.


There is something to be said for - dropping your pants and the woman in front of you saying "OH MY GOD!"

Thank you so much!

Thank you so much for that link. It was excellent reading. I had been getting a little frustrated over the slow down in actual erect growth. I have been stuck at 7.375 for about 2 or 3 months now and no change. I have tried the stretch, etc. I will not hang weights. I think I will follow the 10 min. hot wrap 15 min jelq and 10 min hot wrap to the letter for the next two months. I have a feeling that changing the program around like I have been doing by trying different things has slowed my growth. I am happy that at age 62 I have attained the increases I have so far. But like I have said before that last 5/8 of an inch to get to 8” erect fbp has really been a tough trip. I think I just have to stay on one program and one only and be very strict about it. I do by the way have a good diet and do not smoke or drink. And I avoid the urge to masturbate before or after. We always have our sex hours later so that it doesn’t interfere. Thanks again Thunder for your help and the guide to the site. Most appreciate it.

Regards & best wishes for the holiday season.

Excellent thread


the thread Thunder listed is an excellent thread. A lof of people have contributed to that one. It has tons of info in it so it’s definitely worth reading.

Thanks for posting that link, Bro. I forgot all about it. It should be in the “Links” section.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

absolutly right

Thank ThunderSS,
this is a great Link Man. I think Thermo has made a good point.
Because We should get our things to tired. I mean when i read from some guys how they train there thing more than 1 hour a day. It’s amazing. I mean I admir there work BUT i hasn’t to be
so exremely. I mean just the fact that we train one Thing(penis) for more than 15 mins it will be unfair for that little and poor thing. I realy feel sorry for that.
I tell you this because i was also wrong I begun in septemtber of this year with hard word( more than 1 hour a day)AND without gain, it’s was crazy and stupid from me. AND i thought that it was just WRONG. BUT when i read this week your link to Thermo. I was just choked and had also a good feeling from his point. We don’t have to OVERDO it. and Yesterday i read the amazing gains of Seismeister.SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITT he made more than 100% gains both in lenght an girth in 2 years and with JUST 15 Mins work a day. Is that not amazing. i think it is.
So now i decide to work just 15 - 20 a day 6 on and 1 off per week and i hope that i will get gains this time.
wish me luck.
I think you all. you are doing great. and congrate you all for your gains and good luck.

I am still learnig from you guys and peace to all
PS: your inputs and fadebacks, please


I am NEW here. And i would like to help from my hart.

God bless you all brothers.


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