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Weighting heavy on surgery


Weighting heavy on surgery

I have been working on girth for the last six months to no avail. I tried clamping 4 months ago which killed my erections and I even bursted capillaries in my penis. I have tried other girth exercises with no results. The problem is is that when I first started my PE adventure over a year ago, I targeted lenght I grew over an inch and just shy of a half an inch in girth.

That put my measurements at 8” BPEL by 5” inches. I have a skinny unit when compared to my lenght. I achieved this growth purely from using a pro-extender for 4 hours a day.This growth came in the first 4 months and then stopped.

I am happy with my lenght but very conscious about my girth. Especially when my wife and I would have sex after I would clamp for a few sets and pump my unit up .75” thicker and she would make comments on how she enjoyed the girth and likes being filled up. Well since I quit clamping my erections have come back and I have started back with manual stretches and wearing the extender for 2 hours a day.

So I have decided to get surgery to get girth.There is this technique where surgeons use donor tissue to increase girth of the penis they call alloderm matrix grafts. I understand it is permanent and I could achieve an inch or more in girth which is perfect. I am considering having this done sometime in April or may. Although it is expensive, considerering the time I have already spent on trying for girth and the damage I have done it seems worth it to me.And since my wife has felt the wrath of a fat dick I feel that their is no turning back.

Any input appreciated.


If you could control yourself when clamping and not use too much clamp force and hurt yourself, you might achieve better results. You will never get anywhere with PE when you cross your trauma line and cause erection killing damage. You must also remember to remove the clamp at regular intervals to allow oxygenated blood to flow back in and restore color to normal.

While you are still deciding on surgery I would recommend trying to clamp correctly by using light to moderate clamping force that expands your girth but stays below your trauma line. If you can do that, you will see a big difference in your result and your erections will not suffer and may even improve.

I would also suggest stop doing your length routines while you are doing clamping. Just focus on girth for a while, but stay in control!

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Thank you for your advice gprent.

Try doing clamping combined with jelqs and bends. I’m sure if you do this for 40min-60min a day, with a break every now and then, you will gain something. Remember that gains are not constant—meaning that you may not have any measureable gains for 6 months, then suddenly gain .5” in a few months. I would avoid surgery until you have at least tried working on girth exclusively for a year. Good luck!


Certainly your words are encouraging large4life. But I have tried a routine similiar for a time with no results. I just do not think I have the motivation or time to put in another 6 months of 40-60 min a day.I am very frustrated at this piont with my pe and I feel a bit let down because I had higher expectations. Thank you for your response.


That surgery has had very mixed results. Mostly bad. You had better research it a lot.

*I measure PRE-WORKOUT, normal erection* Started: 7 EBP x 4.9 EG. Several years on and off PE, now 8.125 EBP length x 5.5 EG midshaft (5.8 base). Working on girth (clamping) again after breaks due to injuries - fast recent gains! Pics

Very interesting, thanks.

Search for 8-ball’s thread - he did it, I believe.

regards, mgus

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I will do that thanks mgus.

Let us know how it goes, I am the same starting size .

Have you given just manual exercises a chance? I found that clamping alone did nothing for me. I was also overworking past the trauma line because I thought you had to take the penis beyond the point of plastic deformation. In the end, it didn’t work for me. I switched over to pumping and manual exercises and have been happy with the results so far. I have seen before and after pictures of surgery and it does not look like it’s worth it, even if you got the surgery free of cost.

Spektrum, you really tried clamping alone for a few months and got nothing, but now have gotten lots of results with just pump and manual exercises? What manual exercises have you found so effective? If you say horses I will be discouraged because to me they seem like they work on same principle as clamping except that they work different parts of dick more than others to a greater degree and secondly that I just have not been able to get the knack of doing them. I like bends. Have you found bends very effective? Did you try combining clamping with manual exercises?

Clamping did nothing but discourage me when I did it as a stand alone form of PE. I still clamp, but rarely and only in combination with pumping and manual exercises.

My manual exercises have mainly consisted of isolated compression squeezes(which is kind of like a horse440), uli’s, c-jelqs, and the jelq squeeze.

Much of the gains I feel come from the isolated compression squeezes, but this shouldn’t discourage you as it is different than clamping. I always found that clamping created a max engorgement of the corpus spongiosum, but never the corpus cavernosa. Compression squeezes isolate the corpus cavernosa.

I don’t really mess with bends, but the c-jelq is a form of bending exercise and I feel it is effective.

Everyone is different and you should give different exercises a try.

Here’s 8-Ball’s thread: - 8-Ball’s surgery progress picture thread

He had the same girth procedure done and had to have it all ripped out afterwards.

Dude, read my threads on surgery. My alloederm is almost completely gone right now. TRUST ME. If you are lucky enough to get by without any huge problems, which you won’t, it’s going to disappear in a few years. Specifically the alloederm. I had both my own dermis and alloederm at the same time. My own dermis is still there, but thinner. Alloederm has become a ball in the middle of my dick. DON”T DO IT. I had it done by rheinschild by the way

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