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WebMD and PE


Originally Posted by Dustpan
I suppose that you would call hanging with weights a violent stretching method. After years of hanging with heavy weights I have never devoloped problems with my penis. I still have full blown erections everyday so I figure everything is all right.

Sadly, not everybody can say the same.

PE is dangerous if done in a wrong way. And this goes for all known exercises (jelquing, clamping, hanging, pumping, stretching etc etc….). So the quoted article was telling the truth about this particular.

More and more people are using now ADS systems. And many of them are gaining from them. There should be no problem as long as they are careful and follow the instructions given about how to use them properly.

Originally Posted by rfj

PE is dangerous if done in a wrong way.

All exercise is dangerous if done the wrong way - including running, swimming, weightlifting (especially weightlifting), and sport activities.

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Originally Posted by rushmore

Wow, I never know that 8 hours a day of a noose stretcher was safer than jelqing. Thanks WebMD!! Maybe I can try hanging rocks off my cock with a rope and a garbage bag tie as well.




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