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Wearing PenisMaster all night while sleeping


High school teachers talking erections back in the day? God I must be getting old.

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serious replies only please :(

Originally Posted by Para-Goomba

RJ789, I don’t actually wear a velcro wrap at night, and I don’t remember who posted about that here one time.

Redwood posted about wearing his magnetic elbowstrap nighttime (Theramag something??) but he also repeated over and over again that he did not suggest others doing it, due to risks.

regards, mgus

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I have tried it two times (long time ago… ) , and never could wear it longer than 2 hours due to the pain :(

In a night erection your penis will be pumped full with blood, when erection is over the penis head remains a bit pumped because blood can not re-circulate due to the penimaster rubber strap is trapping the blood, this provokes a blue and numb penis head that leads to pain…



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