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Weak Erections, HELP Im scared

Weak Erections, HELP Im scared

Hey guys, Im a 22 year old male. I started PE with Jelquing and Stretching. Lately all I have been doing is Clamping. Two sets of 10-15 minute clamping It gave me some good gains, but lately Ive been having Problems with my erections. They are weak and, if I dont use cialis, I cant really keep it up for more than a 60% erection. Yea I heard clamping can do this, and I already tried going back to jelqing and stretching, but I cant even keep enough pump in my penis anymore to jelq. Help guys, I am really worried here

The fact that you are getting erections is a good sign. Take a few days off.

Also lots of porn/edging to go with the clamping may be an issue.

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Weaker erections after clamping is quite usual. I experience exactly the same. That’s why I follow the 5 days on, 2 days off routine. In de second day off, my erection is 100% again.

Your erection is now max. 60%.
My advice will be:
-One week off
-after that, the 5 day on, 2 day off routine

good luck man

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Take a few days off, it looks like you have been overdoing it and start a kegeling routine.

Yeah I was clamping every day after I read Aristocane’s thread. I guess I overdid it.

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