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We need Further Analyzation of Erection Angle


We need Further Analyzation of Erection Angle

My apologies,
I have not formulated a hypothesis.
I cannot, at this time, even provide you with a well thought out post on this matter.

I’m hoping the more intelligent members will take my thesis for food for further thought and analysis.

Erection Angle (EA) must have importance in terms of PE gains. (Maybe more than LOT)

A man with a high EA, say 11 o’clock, is not stretching his ligs to the max.

I have a high EA. I can push my dick down to a certain point, usually 9 o’clock.

Why do I have so much play?
I believe certain ligs are stretching more than others. Or, maybe my tunica is
maxing out before my ligs (especially the ones in the abdomen area) are maxed out.
Thus, the belief that my ligs can be stretched a lot more.

Conversely, a guy with a low EA will have less potential lig gains.

Plus, I think certain characteristics of a penis may tell us where most of the erection
is “coming from”. For example, “tree roots”.

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Originally Posted by Ramrod
Conversely, a guy with a low EA will have less potential lig gains.

Plus, I think certain characteristics of a penis may tell us where most of the erection
is “coming from”. For example, “tree roots”.


I’ve always thought that a lower pointing erection was indicative of reduced erectile ability and consequently a higher pointing erection meant great erectile ability. However, I have a cousin with a ten inch dick that points straight down when fully erect. Your theory about ligs may be correct. Apparently, he has long ligs which may have helped him to have a long penis.


Roadie, you’re half right.
If one has a naturally high EA and has ED, then his erections will be lower. Probably because of less turgid pressure.

When I was a kid I thought every dick looked like mine. It wasn’t until high school I saw uncut and different pee-pees.
But, for my half-ass theory, I was applying examples of guys without ED.

Yeeeeeeeeeaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgh! ~Howard Dean Illustrations & Diagrams PE -- What's it all about? Read this.

This is very interesting……

Ramrod, I’m so glad you started this thread, and I hope some good discussion results. I have a high EA and when 100% hard, I cannot push it down to 9:00, maybe 9:30-10:00. It simply has to be the ligs being too short or tight, right?

i have a high EA.. probably about 10 or 11 o clock…

here is a thread on what you are thinking about.

Shaft Exit Point

Going4nine, Ramrod, Dan, et al,

I just read the “shaft exit point” thread, and I’m still confused. I have a relatively high LOT: between 9:00 and 10:00, a low exit point, (my dick hangs almost straight down), but a relatively high erection angle: 10:00, sometimes 11:00. I don’t seem to fit their profile. What does all this mean?

Any thoughts?


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Excellent idea for a thread…..but I don’t think you will get the definitive answer you are looking for.

To be honest, I haven’t paid attention to my LOT for a long time. I keep track of it to see if it changes, but I don’t do any exercises according to it.
My erection angle has always been 11.00 plus and even though I have been fortunate enough to increase my length significantly, my erection angle has always remained straight up. I do have a measured drop in my LOT of about 2.00 (that is went from 9.00 to 7.00), but my EA has never changed.

I personally don’t think that EA has very much to do with potential gains. I believe that your EA is dictated by the shape of your tunica and the quality of your erections. So unless you physically change the shape of your tunica, your EA should remain fairly stable.

I tried to find a conclusive answer on what determines EA some time ago and could not find anything on the net to support or refute anything being discussed.

Just my $0.02 worth

I was thinking about this issue, and the exit point may or may not be related to one’s ligs and its relative length. I myself have a LOT and EA both at around 9 o’ clock. Like Andrew69’s post, the EA is probably due to a number of factors with tunica, erection strength, shape, and girth near the base area. It even might have something to do with the structure of the pelvis and how everything is positioned.

But with a higher EA the lig’s shouldn’t be the same? I guess its all relative with the lig’s stretch and position with respect to the penis.

As Bib pointed out in this post in the Shaft Exit Point thread, erection angle is not simply a matter of ligament attachment or length. It is a combined function of the ligs and the internal attachment of the base of the penis to the pelvic bones (see this). You can change the ligaments by hanging and stretching, but you cannot change the internal attachments. So trying to estimate possible gains by the angle of your erection is an exercise in futility because it will probably be different for each guy.

The tunica is much thicker on the top than the sides and especially so compared to the bottom.

It may be a case of having a longer bottom tunica length than top length.

At least I hope that’s the case, because I always decided that once I reached 8”BP (a long long way to go yet!) then I’d make my last ever inch bottom tunica focused to get an upward curve to my dick.

I view it as like when you blow up a balloon. You know those long skinny ones? They alway bend. The lig likely does not have much effect on exit angle.

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Here’s an entirely stupid question. When flaccid, my dick is stored in my jeans pointing down. In a lot of the porn I see, when the jeans are unzipped, the guys (flaccid or erect) almost always have their dicks pointing up.

Am I the only one that stores his dick downwards? Could this have something to do with my low exit angle? I’m thinking if I wanted a high exit angle bad enough, I’d consciously store him upward pointing. I tried this a couple of times, and it got too uncomfortable.

If girth is king, why the hell does everyone keep talking about length?

The only way to change your erection exit angle is to have surgery. The way your flaccid penis sits in your pants won’t change anything. Most of the porn stuff is set up and rehearsed and planned in advance. I imagine (Twateaser is the resident porn expert) that the director wants a dick to “flop out” when pants are lowered rather than just appearing “pubes first.” So they probably place their dicks in that position on purpose before the director calls “action.” Gravity plays a part here, too. Unless your jeans are really tight, your dick would eventually work its way to hanging down anyway.

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