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We need a new Thundersplace TOOL

We need a new Thundersplace TOOL

How about a pop-up box option that enables English-Metric conversion?

Make it accessible from all pages, if possible.


Nice idea, what about adding conversion between kilograms and pounds, maybe just a sheet with some datas would be enough?


I would really appreciate it, even if it has to link to an outside URL (don’t know if that’s legal, though).

Simply because it’s annoying to go away and figure out someone’s metric equivalent or vice versa. I’d like to easily be able to do this, plus it would facilitate me (and others) putting in both versions of their measurements.


I know this is off topic but, I would like to contribute $20 to Thunder’s Place. I know it’s not much but I must give something to help keep Thunder’s running. Thunder could you please PM me with the info on where to send the contribution to. Maybe that can be a new button aswell! Thanks!

<------- You likey?

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Or better yet how about if we Americans swallow our pride, get our heads out of our asses and just make the switch to the metric system?

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