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We need a new box !!!

We need a new box !!!

Gentlemen and Ladies,

We need to move to larger quarters again. Rather than leasing a dedicated server for a new home (at double the 100.00 a month we are paying now), memtech has convinced me to go with a colo. A colo computer is one we will own and that will be located at the bandwidth provider. We have found a pretty good looking deal on the bandwidth provider here:

Colo provider

Once we have the machine installed our monthly costs will be cut in half of what they are now. And the forum should run a lot faster and smoother for everyone.

Here comes the bad part, I would like to raise enough money to buy a decent computer that will cover our needs for at least another year, if we continue to grow as we have been. This is the machine that would suit our future needs I think:


The computer will probably cost near 1200.00 by the time taxes and shipping fees are added in, maybe more, I don’t have the exact number yet. We may not be able to raise enough for this machine, in that case we will figure out what we can afford (mem sends Thunder to Wally World). To get a machine ordered and installed and online by the first of July, we need to purchase one in approximately 3 weeks. So we will see what we can raise until three weeks from today.

We have 467.99 in the kitty right now thanks to a couple of posts here in the Main Forum that got a lot of guys to contribute. Thank all of you gentlemen again !!

So let’s see what we can do here to make this happen. All comments, bitches, shouldadonethisalongtimeagos, are welcome.

PS Thunder’s Place does have a Yahoo PayDirect account now, ask if you need further information on this.

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Make a Donation This place runs on donations, help out if you can. Thanks.

What’s the link to PayDirect? I’ll chip in! Anybody want to start a “match the contribution contest” and win a new penis? LET’S DO IT PEOPLE.

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I can donate parts! Do you need a case? Ram? Video card?

Let me know

The ravings of a madman...


Get a post box for the guys with out credit cards. I’m going to send something for the new computer. But my pay pal never worked and I used the yahoo thing once and cant remember my password, but It will be fixed.
I’m sure some non credit card guys would love to send a money order to a box. Guys let thunder know in this thread if a PO box would be worth the investment.


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What kind of level of donations is needed to make a PO box useful?

Can you cash international money orders?

What about direct bank transfers?

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The international money orders/checks are no problem, foreign currency/cash is though.

The only thing preventing me from getting a PO Box is laziness, if someone wants to mail in a donation, send me a PM and I’ll provide the needed info to make it happen.

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Make a Donation This place runs on donations, help out if you can. Thanks.

Well I accumulate lots of computer hardware as I go along, and I buy and sell a lot, so when I sell, I’ll take a 10% hit of that and donate it to Thunder’s.

That’s on top of my planned donations.

So if I sell a spare motherboard for £30 that’s $6 to Thunder’s. Not much I know, but lots of sales and the fact that I’m already going to donate some spare cash when I can, it’ll make a difference.

I’d like to see a page where we can see where money’s gone. I love spending money on technology, and seeing it spent on this forum would be just as good :)

I don’t mean a full invoice style page, just things like, “Only $282 till we have our amazing server!” etc.

What about degrees of “contributor”? Regardless of the donation you’re a forum contributor, what about extra ones like “substantial contributor”? Not a fantastic idea, but worth a thought?

Great idea ICM. I think if anyone who has a solid plan to establish some kind of permanent or semi permanent financial aid should. I hope I will be a huge contributor. I also love your ides for different levels of contribution brings different support icons.

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple

If it’s computer parts that are needed, provide me a list of the needed parts and if I don’t have them laying around, I can usually get them at sub wholesale cost and I’ll make the donation.

I understand that there is a specific server unit that is being considered, costs about $1200.00. If there are 700 members, that’s $1.714 each; if that same 700 members gave $5.00 there would be $3,500.00 available for the computer and incidentals to get it rolling and carry it until it is self-sustaining. I realize that this is a “free” forum, but it does cost to keep it operational. “There is no free lunch” , as my economics professor was so quick to postulate.

I am challenging all of our “members” to contribute $5.00; do without one Latte, that Pizza special lunch (and I’ll bet that there are some members that could miss one lunch), some cigarettes, candy, you get the idea.

Start 2/1/03 FBP: L: 3.25", G:3.00" EBP: L: 5.85", G:4.25" 7/7/03 FBP: L: 5.50", G:5.25" EBP: L: 7.00", G:5.25"

Hey T

How much of a bite does Yahoo take out of the money you get transfered through them? Was just there and decided to hold off till I knew.

I would also like to see the specs on the Server you are thinking of purchasing, I have been in the business on and off (mostly on) for 20 yrs. I may have a connection for you.

Hey growingup

What is your routine?

Oh yeah

I don’t do Wally World only Top of the Line, even if it is not household name. On a few of the errors to broken links on this site I noticed you are running Apache. Will you stay with that on the new box or move to something else. Would like to help if at all possible. I am getting a good education here.



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