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We need a new box !!!

Is the main office here in the states or over on “that” island?

"God is dead"-Nietzsche

"Nietzsche is dead"-God

Will this fix things for the foreseeable future?

"God is dead"-Nietzsche

"Nietzsche is dead"-God

I’d like to see a running tally of how much has been raised so far. Y’know, one of those ‘thermometer’ things that charities use with the goal on top. I think that would help to remind people to donate.

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>It will surprise me if we continue to grow at such a rate as to outgrow this box in a couple of years.

Prepare to be surprised. It will allow us a substantial bandwidth and hardware headroom and reduced monthly costs, we are about to hit another step in the path with our current SP, which makes this look even more attractive.

MaximumPC, Donations are running at quite a slow pace right now if we have a thermometer people might assume we’ll hit the target and relax.

Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.

Maybe a Thermometer next week. Kinda of a last minute begging if you will. Maybe in the Article window, shaped like a big dick or something. OK, who is the artist??

BTW, thanks MaiximumPC for doing more than your bit. Take the last posted total and add 120.00 to it, give or take a little. That will give you a ballpark. mem is right though about guys here seeing totals, they tend to think “Oh well, they have enough, they don’t need my donation”.

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Make a Donation This place runs on donations, help out if you can. Thanks.

Ok, I just went and sold a pint of blood….lol-it’s on the way.

"God is dead"-Nietzsche

"Nietzsche is dead"-God

What would happen if this site was mentioned in the mainstream media? short term crash and a bunch of newbie questions I assume.

Sounds about right.

Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.

I think this is a great idea and seems that it would save money and hassle in the long run.

You might could save a few bucks going with an AMD based solution.


How’s the kitty coming along?

"God is dead"-Nietzsche

"Nietzsche is dead"-God


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