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WE lucky guys...

WE lucky guys...

I think we are really lucky , to have meet PE.

I was looking at some tv programs last night.
Some of this professional strip dance men…you know.
No, dont think bad of me! LOL!!!!
It was a program with various artists…
women, too. of course I was appreciating more them!!!!
Ok, turning to the point.

These men had a very well worked body, of course.
Years of gym, to very high level.
But, their “package”…seemed so different.
I bet any of us guys, especially those who works
from a year or more, would have had… a better look
of those I have seen last night.

You know what? The fact is that most of the men
dont know that PE exist.
I know the importance to work the body for a man
doing a severe gym in the course of his life.
This is good for a man, i believe, and good also for his
mind and personality.

But, what about the sex organs?

The most of people dont know this possibility.
It is a kind of gym, so important.
To develop sexual organs in a man, it leads
to have more security, a open caracter,
and a mind more secure.

My experience in a year and a half, is very positive
I dont remember or I dont want to….how I was before.
Yes, a solid inch makes his difference.
My security with women has drastically grown,
and I have a girl who is crazy for me.
And …for my package!

My look and my measures are different.
I can take a shower, being proud of me.
I have erections so amazing. I sometime a porn star! LOL.

I want to gain an other inch and after continue
only for stay health. But…who knows? I will see…
The fact is that all the personality has changed.
My mind too.

What can I say?
I hope that more people will know of PE.
Is like a crazy thing it’s so unknown.
Is so important for us men, to have all ok..
under there!!! And for our women, too.
They will be more happy!!!

Make love, no war.
PE for a better world!!!! LoL
Stop to frustrating men. This leads
to conflict, and stress, and worse family and worse
I suggest to make PE known to our friends.
Make some…pubblicity!
Let’s make the world better, also this can contribute.

Of course a man must have a lot of other qualities.
Not only… an 8 inch penis in between his legs.
But another story. We have to try
to be complete, and to do our best in our families.
But people…PE is great!!!!
We are like a lucky…family!!!!
Love and sex.

ps I will be out for a month to travel. I salute all you, people.


Yeah, it’s nice. Would be a pain if everyone would get 8x6 dicks, then I’d have to do more PE later on =).

"You are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts."

Re: WE lucky guys...

Originally posted by xaixoit

What can I say?
I hope that more people will know of PE.
Is like a crazy thing it’s so unknown.

Jeeez… Not to seem selfish or anything but I prefer that we keep the upper advantage on the rest of the male society with our knowledge of PE and if one of them should happen to stumble upon on this information on their own, then so be it, Good for them!

But unless its unusual circumstances, e.g., a close friend that is feeling insecure because of his size and feels that nothing can be done outside of surgery…

I would rather keep to myself and only share the latest advancements or developments with my brothers on this site. It would NOT be a very good world if many men had an 8x6. Many here on this site will vouch for that sentiment. All that we have worked for would be in vain and all women would come to expect nothing less than an 8x6 because it would become the standard and if you did not meet that standard many would be disappointed (even though they would never admit it).

Then again EVEN with wide spread knowledge of PE, I suspect that there would still be many men that would lack the time, dedication, research effort, perseverance and patience that would be necessary to achieve an 8x6. e.g. There is much information and ways in this world to make money and free up your time (especially in a capitalistic country like the U.S.). i.e, Financial freedom.
Yet many will still lead sedentary lives and become complacent even as they are still complaining and wish for change. (Please refer to quote in my signature)

If you knew you could not fail...what would you attempt to do? Female Foot Fetish Current Stats: 5/4/10 8.5BPx6.0, 7.5NBP Achieved Goal and have been on maintenance program since


>Make love, no war.
PE for a better world!!!!

That’s a novel twist. PE for world peace. Kind of makes one pause and wonder if Mao, Stalin, Lenin, Hitler, Pol Pot, etc. were compensating for power issues caused by having small peckers.

xaixoit (and others), if your dick were to shrink to the size it was before PE, or even smaller, would your self-esteem also regress? Or is it a one way street, where the extra dick size has caused permanent changes in your self-perception?

What a lovely post Mr Xaixoit.

Small men strive for porches and big men for world peace.

I´m getting bigger day by day, and together

we shall overcome…..

Nice post Xaixoit…

That reminds me of the Viagra ad, doesn’t it???

1” gain is solid dude. I saw your pick, it looks amazing. I am guessing from your id that you might be Chineze, in which case your girl might think of you as a terrible monster eh :D

That was a beautiful post dude. And yes, I do believe that PE is a wonderful invention. Like yourself, I also actually think that if some men were more comfortable with themselves and at peace with the world (of course not only thinking about their penis size here) the world would be a much better place. Ahh :)

That wa a nice post.

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