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Ways to grip for a 12:00 stretch?

Ways to grip for a 12:00 stretch?

I’ve read that stretching at 12:00 is one of the better ways to stretch for the tunica however I can never get a solid grip or a comfortable one. I pull the head straight up along my chest and try an OK grip with my right hand behind the head and with my thumb on top (palm facing chest). I can’t hold on because I always slip over my head. I’ve used baby powder, a cotton shirt to hold on. It helps, but I still don’t get a good grip. I’ve also tried reverse the grip by going over the head with the OK grip (palm facing out) and this gets a better grip but is horribly uncomfortable. And when I do get a good stretch at times, when I am doing Blasters the grip goes to hell very quickly. Any suggestions for improving my above the LOT stretch and grip?

Thanks… Funny, after I posted I continued hunting around and found this post too. Seems like a good idea!


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