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Ways of making my flaccid unit look better without necessarily "PE'ing"

Ways of making my flaccid unit look better without necessarily "PE'ing"

Hey TP, haven’t been here for a while.

I have done a little PE in the past but did not get far with it.

I am quite happy with my erections. They are rock hard and maybe slightly longer than average with good girth.

What I am unhappy with is my flaccid state. It is such a vast difference in size and appearance to my erections. I’ve never really had any form of “hang” in my life, except when I am really well hydrated and need to take a piss.

So I think there could be a few things to remedy this. Firstly I am going to try and masturbate less, as I think this may have something to do with it — akin to the “turtling” effect from PE. I already drink a good amount of water but will try to keep on top of that. I have also been using rose hip oil on my unit just to improve the skin and keep it in good condition.

Does anybody have any other suggestions? I think this could be a good discussion for “Non PE Unit Maintenance”

Flame away if this has already been discussed! :)

Cut your pubic hair.

My flaccid size used to be similar to yours and I have more than doubled my flaccid with pumping, but of course that is PE.

I don’t understand your comment about the “turtling” effect from PE. If you are getting this, it just means you were causing more damage then benefit. PE is not about beating yourself up. You might want to reconsider PE but do it right by taking a moderate approach.


Hey skinflute,

Lots of guys around here say that plenty of water increases flaccid size.

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Here are some things not related to PE that I’ve found seem to help a little,

- Drink ample water
- Don’t overdo the masturbation
- Always keep your unit warm
- Don’t wear constrictive underwear
- Stretch your testicles (The more relaxed your testicles hang the better your flaccid will hang)
- Cut pubic hair

And I think that’s about it really. Hope that helped!

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- Robert De Niro

A Fowfer is very passive way to increase your flaccid size. I did this almost exclusively for a month (3-5 hours a day) and got great results. If you have a desk job, drive a lot, or can spend a couple hours a day sitting, I highly recommend it.


What is a fowfer!

Sitting on your dick. If you haven’t already, read the wiki or search the forurm.

How can I sit on my dick? To me it’s impossible! Anyone just like me?

Sitting on my dick bothers me. I don’t like it at all. It happens to me a lot now since PEing.

Another trick is to eat raw garlic (cut it in many small pieces, then swallow then with water: it does not leave a bad breath). It helps vasodilation and relaxation of smooth muscle tissue.

Plus, drink lots of water, masturbate less frequently, wear loose underwear… It’s all been said.

The downside is that it can affect your body odor.

I have had great results with 3000 mg of L-Arginine as a daily supplement. I’m mainly a “grower” rather than a “shower,” and it almost doubled my flaccid hang. If I stop with the L-Arginine, I revert back to my smaller flaccid size.

Also, trim the hair and lose the fat pad (if you have one).


Originally Posted by slipstream
Sitting on your dick. If you haven’t already, read the wiki or search the forurm.

You can fowfer while you sleep also. If you sleep on your back, just reach under a leg, pull your dick back between your legs and close your legs.
Now go to sleep.
You can do this lying on your side as well.

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