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way of determining your LOT

way of determining your LOT

after a week of putting the LOT theory into my stretching….i began to have second thoughts. my LOT is hard to tell…at first i thought it was 730-8, but now im not quite sure….i can see my penis still FLEX around 7, but not a full tugback, so now im a little skeptical whether i should be stretching the ligs or the tunica? so my questioin is…lets say there is in fact a VERY VERY VERY VERY SMALL tugback at around 7…..would it still be a good idea to still stretch the ligs? or maybe even both? or tunica? thanks

If your penis actually physically visually tugs back, however slight, then that is a tug back.


I have the same problem mr, it also depends on how much force i apply.


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