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Was I just witnessing the birth of a new vein??

Was I just witnessing the birth of a new vein??

I was doing my PE today, spiced up with some new routines I begun with last week. One change is that I’m having a far infrared beam directed to my crouch from a 800W radiator a couple of feet away, having aluminium foil as heat shield for my ball sack and shades for eye protection. When coming to my recently introduced edging/manual clamping part, which feels really nice in the heat btw, I suddenly felt something pop in the super engorged shaft. I think I even heard it, scared the shit out of me and the erection was dropped in a microsecond to inspect damages.

I could feel no pain and it turned out there was no visual or functional damages. However, to my surprise there now is a superficial vein I never saw before at the place of the popping sensation. It even has a brand new look to it, well defined, blue/purple color. It is 1/8” thick and sitting just under the skin, connecting two larger veins that I have had forever. Looking more closely at the rest of the shaft I see quite a lot of very thin, red superficial vessels. I was thinking maybe this “new vein” was like that before, “stand by” vessels that can be connected into the main circuitry when need arises. I have no medical knowledge so I can only speculate.

Question: is it normal that “new veins” develop suddenly like that, or should I take it as a sign I’m doing things wrong?

I would take it as a sign of improving circulation. I am not sure about the pop or the rapid development of the vein, but perhaps it was always there and just not being fully utilized as it is now.

Thanks gprent! Normally I never look so closely, now I got a reason and that is when it is possible to discover things. What was perceived as a surprise and a sudden change maybe came gradually after all.

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