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"Warning" Size's Data Chart

"Warning" Size's Data Chart


I was just on sizes pe data chart and I noticed most people are not keeping it up to date so just a reminder about the secret software installed in thunders web page that will delete your account if you don’t update the data site. The link is
Penis Enlargement Statistics Site

Please don’t get you account put on hold over something like this.
I would rush over to sizes data page and put your latest stats while the part about the secret software and getting banned is absolutely in no way Thunders policy and as far as you know not true. You should still go fill out the data sheet so you could feel good about yourself and start the new year off right. Do it for your fellow pe’ers even you have no gains to report. I also heard that it makes your gains come faster.



That’s enough to send any vet to the ruler. And I thought I was on a plateau. I better check.

Size’s pages is a pretty amazing site and was a great encouragement to me along the way. All newbies should sign up. You jot your stats on a little piece of paper and the little paper gets tossed with last months bill envelopes? You can’t remember if it was 3/8ths or 5/8ths? This way you have a permanent record of where you are to help you get where you want to go.



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I entered my starting measurments(Jan 2000) and current as of last night.

I think it’s a great thing to do!

There is no 2003 yet. :(

Okay, I think I’m the first one to update this year. I just measured and I’m just a bit too short to call myself 9 inches honestly. Anyway, good luck and more gains to all in 2003.

Is the routine section working? I tried to edit mine and it says I must select an exercise, but I don’t see a field to make a selection.

I would not know about the size data chart if it wasn’t for this thread. It seems to be a hidden feature of the site - or am I missing something. I think it’s a great feature and should be more prominent.


It’s on the bottom of the page, don’t feel bad most people never see it.


I will enter my small :( sizes in once i get chance to do a correct measurment

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