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Warning: cold medicine and the penis.

Warning: cold medicine and the penis.

O.K. last night to help my cold along I took some aleve cold and sinus medicine, my cold felt better, but I could not maintain an erection. At the hardest point, I could bend my penis in half. So the moral here is if you have a cold and take over the counter meds such as aleve, Don’t plan a hot night of sex. This is a major bummer for a PE’r, confidence will diminish.

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I noticed this too, even Viagra doesn’t work as well while taking decongestants.


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Hmm, I’m taking the Tylenol cold now, and have been for a while. No probs here. Probably the only difference between ther two is aceteminophene and ibuprofen.

It’s the decongestants that really have a negative effect.

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Originally posted by gprent101
It's the decongestants that really have a negative effect.

Yep they give me cold water dinky dick

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I’ve noticed the same problem with efedra. Anyone else?


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