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warmup before clamping?

warmup before clamping?

Do you guys warmup before clamping? If so what’s your warmup routine?

Warmup is just 5-10 minutes, depending on you, of warming your penis up. It can be hot-wrap, rice sock, dipping your penis into warm water, IR lamp. What ever suits you.

The point of warming up is to help relax ligaments for stretching. It may help the tunica stretch with jelqing, but I doubt it has much effect for that. It is not needed for clamping, although some guys do it, because the point of clamping is to prevent outflow of blood while allowing inflow. Clamping is a mechanical aid to help keep more blood in the penis which is coming in at normal blood pressure. Since you aren’t adding pressure by jelqing (you should not be jelqing with a clamp on) then warm up isn’t necessary, IMO.

Whoa, that’s good to hear, cause I never warm up for anything.

I do 100 light jelqs and that’s my warmup. For clamps, I just clamp it and that’s the end of that.

I clamp when I get out of the shower after the gym. I guess that counts as a warm up. I’ve clamped without warming up many times as well with nothing to note in terms of differences.

As a side not, I’ve finally gained some damn girth. Clamping works. Clamp consistent & clamp safe.

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Girth and Greed: whose ass is that in your avatar? DAMN!

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Originally Posted by dangleman
Girth and Greed: whose ass is that in your avatar? DAMN!

Jackie Quinones is her name. The pic is a cropped screen capture from the Wesley Snipes movie ‘Hard Luck’. At the start of the movie she does a whole strip scene and lapdance for Snipes. Damn sexy. I tried to find more pics of her, but she seems pretty scarce. There’s a couple photos on imdb, but they really don’t do her justice at all.

"Life's not a bitch. Life is a beautiful woman."

I think a warm-up should be performed before any PE workout. It’s the way the human body works. Preparation goes a long way.

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Vag, I would say its still best to stretch out a little before clamping. If nothing else but to maximise engorgement…

If I don’t warm up before a girth exercise my dick will turn really red and have lots of dots.

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I am warming up with warm sock 8-10minutes, stretching for 10minutes, then jelqing 5minutes, then I clamp 3x10minutes,

Reading from above posts, I wouldn need the stretching and jelqing?

If I am going to have sex with the wife later, Yes ill warm up.My expansion lasts longer in to the evening hours.I always tailor PE to my lifestyle.

Heat pad works best for me ten to fifteen minutes.

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