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How many of you are skipping warm-ups?
I started out PEing in September 2004 as a good citizen doing 5 minutes warm-ups before sessions. However, I soon found that my sessions took too long, and started splitting them up in shorter sessions and tend to skip warm-ups more and more. Now, I never bother with them at all any more.

I have had good progress on my gains BPEL +1.5 cm and EG + 0.8 cm, and never hurt myself (in a way warm-ups could have prevented).

In the beginning I started out very carefully with both jelqing and stretching when “cold”, but now I start up at full intensity more or less right away.

So, my question is: how many of you have experienced using/skipping warm-ups and seen reasons to continue spending time warming-up?

Another aspect of it is that once the sessions tend to be too long and cumbersome, you tend to get bored and loose interest in doing it. To really make it realistic to continue PEing for years, or even months, I believe the sessions should be uncomplicated and pleasurable, instead of a time-consuming pain in the neck.
I have so far never skipped a session, or cut it short.

What’s your opinions on this subject?


Hey, come on.
There must be someone here who has a thought on warm-ups and the reason for doing them. Or are you just uncritically accepting that they must be good for something?
People here seems to contemplate every damn aspect of their PE routine, so there must be plenty of clever thinking around warm-ups.

Anyone here that like me skips them and still have good gains and no injuries? Or am I unique?


We don’t have too much scientific fact to support warmups. I guess originally it developed as a transferance from regular exercise where they are done with the (perhaps erroneous) idea that they help prevent injury.

I don’t think they help actual growth either. Despite this I use heat religiously as part of my PE, but for different reasons. There is a heat ‘zone’ where, when collagen is heated to that temperature, subsequent stretching leads to a persistance of elongation. That is, a tissue at normal body temperature when stretched, will return to it’s original length, whereas a heated tissue will deform and remain in it’s extended state. Getting that temperature with a rice sock or heating pad is a bit hit and miss, so careful documentation of routine and measurements are useful to determine what works.

Onto more shaky ground, I believe that InfraRed heat specifically is better suited. I say that not only for it’s mode of heat transfer (radiant heat rather than conductive), but also because I believe IR energy in the right range is directly usable by the cell mitochondria as energy, in effect speeding the metabolism of the affected cells.

I’m doing a very low intensity workout with long heat duration experiment right now to determine if this is true or folly. Time will tell.

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