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Warm up question for the Vets only!



Actually, all I ever used was a rice sock. I have never even seen the warm up thing from that site. But it should work fine for those that don’t want to make a rice or flax sock.


Its recommended on your site Bigger.

You mean you are recommending stuff you’ve never tried (where’s the shock smilie?)

It doesn’t happen with the link you posted, mem. It happened every time I hit ICM’s, though. And yes, I am going through Yahoo.

I was just curious if it was unique to me, or if everyone else was getting that warning. Didn’t mean to shut down the link or hijack ye olde thread. Sorry, dudes.
Back to the fun.


Is this what you mean?

>As with any type of stretching, you should always warm up first. A heating pad, hot water bottle, or rice sock (a sock filled with rice and heated in the microwave) are all good means to this end. So too is the new Thermo-Flex available at The entire pubic area should be warmed for at least five minutes and then for roughly the first half of each set.<

I did not think that was a recommendation.



Better safe than sorry, I’d hate for any members to get trojaned (is that a word) from a link here. Of course this link appears many times in many threads and I’ve posted it a number of times.

If you don’t mind I’ll PM you some questions on this.


Shouldn’t that be a comma before the ‘so too’ ;) Sounds like a recommendation to me. So (sic) much that I’ve often presented it as a ‘Bigger recommends’ solution for peoples warm wrap woes.


Hmmm. OK, I will get T to change it. Sorry about that. I don’t like to ever recommend anything that I have not tried.


I do that all the time :) (normally stating that I haven’t tried it).


I think that water warmups; hot rag, stick it in a jar, hot bath, whatever, are basically a messy pain in the butt. Try the Bed Buddy Back Wrap. It is sold at Walgreens for $15.00. It is a microwaivable heating pad that holds the heat for 45 minutes, if you stick it under a quilt or blanket while you are doing your PE. Wrap this around your friend and you get a nice deep warming that is obviously helpful. I’ve tried the hot water routine. The Bed Buddy is clearly just as good as complete water immersion, and it is a lot less of a mess.


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I use a microwavable heat pad myself.It is not expensive and it works great. Holds the heat for much longer than needed, 30-60 min. It also feels like a much deeper penetration of heat than a warm bath or hot bottle of water. Very soothing before and after exercises.


I’ve followed the same progression as you from hot cloth to a large cup/mug full of hot water for my warm-up, too, and for all of the same reasons. I do agree with turtle that it is an annoying mess and lately I have been looking into other options. I am going to try one of the reusable microwave packs and see how that works. I’m looking forward to having a heat source that I can continually use throughout my sessions and it seems like these would be an ideal solution.

Just my 2 cents.

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Ehmm….this thread is somewhat dead more than four years ago.

Ha, good call, marinera. I just noticed that.

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