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Warm-up / Hot wraps: Flaccid vs. erect

Warm-up / Hot wraps: Flaccid vs. erect

Got a question here, guys.

How many of you do the warm-up/hotwrap with an erection?

The reason I’m asking is because to me it makes sense to hot wrap the dick when fully 100% erect. I believe that when your johnson is flaccid there’s more skin to deal with.

The point I’m trying to make is that when your dick is flaccid the layer of skin between the tunica ( Collagenous sheath), Corpora Cavernosa is thicker than when the penis is filled with blood, creating pressure and thinning the layer of skin. The heat from the hot wrap, water or sock, whatever you use, goes straight to the core so to speak when erect. It does not need to heat up the layer of skin first before it reaches the inside of the dick. Also the blood, when erect will be warmed up, giving the procedure even a greater effect. Does all that make sense? It’s kinda hard to explain.

So, to me doing the warm-up with a full boner makes more sense. The penis is stretched to it’s limits and heat travels faster, warming up the inside better.

Any comments on that theory?

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That's how I do it.

Also do PC flexes during wrap, and while erection subsides slightly I may do some massage. Afterward, light extension/manual stretching i a rotation type manner. I really think this erection wrap works much better and is a more efficient warm-up. Flaccid just doesn’t seem to do a whole lot of good…almost like not hot wrapping. groa

I have experimented with jelqing in the 1½ years I’ve been doing it.
When I started, I did a ten minute stretching with a flacid penis. No hot wraps.
I jelqed for 15 min. with a ½ to ¾ erection.
In three months I gained about 8 mm. in length and 3 mm. in girth.

Then I stopped for some months. When I began to jelq again, I didn’t do anymore stretching. Instead I warmed my penis for 3 to 4 minute with a warm compress and then jelqed - most of the time - with a full erection. I also did this for 3 months. I included hanging weights for about an hour prior to the jelqing.
My girth kept growing (about 2 mm.), but my lenght only grew 2 mm. in those three months. And the last two months of it, there was hardly any growth in lenght, only in girth did I gain.

Then I stopped again for some months. Now I’ve been jelqing once again with the flacid stretches and a hot warm compress. In a month I’ve gained 2 mm. in length and 1 mm. in girth.

So my conclusion is, that if you want to work on your length do flacid stretches followed by a warm compress before jelqing.
If you want to work on girth, jelq with full erection.

Sofar for my two cents.

I gave the measurements in millimetres as this used by 80 % of the world’s population.
Sorry, my fellow Americans.

Just seems to me like erect warm wraps don’t give the same elasticity for a workout. I guess I always assumed that the less the volume being heated the less work needs to be done to heat it to the same state.

Whats the specific heat capacity of a penis ;)


I warm up flaccid—I prefer it. If it gets erect, it’s fine…but I find if I try to warm erect it doesn’t work quite as well (but still far better than not warming at all)


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