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Warm down or Cool down.

Warm down or Cool down.

I guess after all the reading I still don’t understand which is better after a PE or heat?

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MY opinion: Warm down if you finish a session at a temp that is coolish depending on how warm it is during a usual boner.

Cool down if it is really warm, but still I’m not sure if I agree with cool downs.. I just do what feels right at the time, and that’s if I’m doing anything to it afterwards (usually warm). I’m not the biggest fan of an after treatment. But I’m still a noob.

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I’m currently not doing either… i’m just doing fowfers as a “cool down” I havn’t seen any negative PI’s since i switched to this from 10 min warm downs with a rice sock, but like the guy said above me I’m still a noob.

I haven’t tried the cool down, but warm down usually leaves me with a long lasting full flaccid post session.

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The theory on cool downs is that the tissues will “freeze up” so to speak with the extended length/girth. Makes sense to me.

An active cool down makes no sense to me. Passively, there is a gradual return to normal body temperature. Warm up before and if possible during, yes, absolutely. But I can’t imagine that a short cooling session would cause fixation, in fact nothing other than a chemical agent which could induce cross-linking would probably do that, and in any case you do not want them to be “fixed” into place just yet. It makes sense to me that through progressive (with some up and down), pretty much daily stressing of them you would induce a loosening. Over time, passively they will adapt and react to become fixed in that position.

Just my 2 cents, anyone with strong experiential evidence to the contrary please add your comment.

Yeah that sounds more legit. I heat up before and during. I use an ads or light weights and let it go to body temp.

I find a warm down works way better. It puts my penis in such a relaxed state and a much larger flaccid than normal so I figure the bigger the better

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Yeah I get more fluffed, but when I hang, I heat the whole time except the last 5 minutes, it gets room temp, and I hang longer almost all day.

Hi !!

Athletics from sweden are standing in a BIG bucket of ice to recover faster for some reason.
It maybe works ..


Perhaps you can PE more if you cool down ?? Shorter recovery ??


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In general I think active cooling at the end of a PE session is probably a waste of effort. Plus, cooling usually happens automatically. It’s difficult enough to keep the shaft warm throughout the session.

That said, cooling while under tension makes more sense than heating after a workout. Here is an old thread. Much more has been discussed since.

I think heating before and during is more important than whatever happens at the end.

I had a relatively severe nerve pinch in my spine a few years back. I went to see a chiropractor after suffering for about 2 years. After every session, I had to sit in his office (or my car) with an ice pack on my lower back. As he explained it to me, ice was the only ‘glue’ that chiropractors had to help hold the adjustment. After only six months I was back at the gym doing deadlifts and full range squats, and stopped going to the chiropractor other than for an occasional adjust, though no pain ever recurred. It give me reason to consider there may be some validity to a cool down.

Don’t like cool-downs, I find more efficient a good warming.

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