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Want your opinions, guys

Want your opinions, guys

What about this routine, some dry jelqs from the very base, then sadsak slinkys for a while. For me it´s very important to have more girth than my current 5” (BTW length is 7” BPEL). Then, when fully erect, do bent erect also for a while. BE improves sex w/wifey immensely. This, repeatedly several times a day. I´m in my 3rd year of PEing.

Thanks in advence for advice.


I have done only ulis for girth and they helped me get 1/4” more girth in 3 months. And keep in mind that bends are very dangerous but you have a lot of experience so you should know your limitations by now.

Stats (bp) 2004/08/19 8.0 X 5.5" 2005/08/29 8.2 X 5.8" Goal - I am good for now

Maybe try some clamping? (extreme Uli) assuming your penis is conditioned. My understanding is that Jelqing- wet or dry increases length as well as girth so if you are not looking for both I’d advise sticking to a girth only routine.

For me personally clamping feels much safer than slinkys and erect bends but f you do decide to go with clamping Be very careful!

How long do you guys think is appropriate for doing PE before starting a clamping routine? 6 Months? 4? 2?

Doing Erect bends and sadsak’s routine might be counterproductive. If you want more girth, focus solely on girth routines.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

Wang- I’d say at least 4 months- it just depends how well conditioned your unit is. When you do start be very careful as with any PE, listen to your penis and work your intensity up very slowly.

I wet jelqed for over 6 months before I started getting into advanced exercizes. I would say at least 4, if not 6 months, before you get into any of the advanced stuff.

Thanks, stubby. I’ve done clamping before just to check it out, but never actually added it to a routine. At the moment I’m doing a uli-like exercise thats about as intense as i can recover from and I restarted my PE career about 2 months ago. I knew that clamping was another step up so I just wanted to make sure I didnt get into it too quickly. Thanks again.

And thank you phreakk. Didn’t see your post at first.

I have a question.

I am going to be working from home over the next 10-12 MONTHS.

This means I am going to have the entire days to myself since the wife will be at work from 9-5.

I am going to multitask by working and do some serious peing.

I own both the bib starter and the bib regular hangers, plus a nice kaplan pump, the clamp, the therap wrap, multiple heating pads, and some great ads inventions.

Over the past couple years I have gained about 2 inches using the hangers with reverse kegels(and other manual stuff), but like most, have only pe’d on and off between semesters when I was in school.

My current stats are: 7.2 inches bpel x 4.75 eg.

Now I am going to seriously use this time to start an intense routine to craft a huge johnson. I have already been doing 20 minutes/day of jelqing, ulis, & manual stretching over the last 2 months so I am warmed up again. I have no other commitments, but to work over my pc and will focus this time like bib did nearly entirely on peing.


I need to know if anybody here has some good input on what they believe to be the most efficient way to use my 8 hours per day as far as increasing my LENGTH goes. Should I use the time to get in as many hours of hanging or should I go with periodic manual stretching throughout the day?

I am leaning towards hanging and would appreciate any or all input. Especially from the vets, since I too have been on these boards since 2001, but only lurked.

Thanks to all in advance for any replies


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